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Virtual Reality Technologies

Digital graphic of an avatar wearing a virtual reality headset

As of 2022 there are an estimated 171 million VR users worldwide and it is estimated that by the end of the decade the VR industry will result in over 23 million jobs worldwide. Link to statistics (enterpriseappstodday website) The following graphic demonstrates expected growth of virtual reality by industry with education, health care and workplace… Read more »

Eye Tracking Technologies

Pupil Labs Invisible eye tracking glasses phone and laptop

The FLIE Learning Technology team have been investigating eye tracking technology and how it can be applied to innovate teaching and learning practices. What is eye tracking technology? Eye tracking technology helps observe and measure eye movements, pupil dilation, point of gaze, and blinking to see where subjects of a study focus their visual attention,… Read more »

Rubrics – Guidance and Communication

Brightspace logo

Here in FLIE we have seen a significant increase in rubrics being adopted by staff this academic year, so we thought we would share some information and best practice. For context, rubrics are used to evaluate an activity or item based on a predefined set of criteria. They help ensure that activities and items are… Read more »

This Halloween FLIE is getting hands on with Virtual Reality!

VR Headset with jack Skeleton decal

Did you know Oculus Quest headsets have harnessed the technology to track hand movements? This allows the user to control certain functionality when immersed into the virtual world without the use of physical hand controllers. Cameras embedded into the perimeter of the Oculus rift headsets track individual hand movements to correspond with the onscreen… Read more »

Restart a Heart Day at BU

Last week colleagues from FLIE took part in the #Restart a Heart Day. Which is part of an international campaign to raise awareness of cardiac arrest and teach people how to perform CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). The event took place last week in the main Talbot campus courtyard. It was open to the whole BU community and aimed at engaging… Read more »

Creative ways to use Padlet

Padlet logo

  Padlet works like an online sheet of paper onto which people add content including images, videos, documents, text or links to external resources.  Students and staff can then organise the content on the page and engage with it through comments and reactions (likes, votes, stars and grades). This means Padlet works particularly well for… Read more »

Socal Media Usage Trends in Children

As academics and innovators we should be continually looking to future proof our practice and understand the growing digital needs of our students. The BBC has just published an interesting article which looks into the changing trends in social media usage by children.  The article is focussed around the drop in Facebook usage; however the… Read more »

Student-led Learning – Breaking the mould

Some quite extreme measures taken by this school or ‘Learning Village’ in Australia where they have developed their education explicitly around student-led learning allowing the students to have almost complete control around their education. ‘Mario Trinco, who is sending his three daughters to the school, said he hoped it would set them up for success…. Read more »

BBC Arts Editor beams into Bournemouth University

William Gompertz is the BBC’s Arts Editor and was previously the director of Tate Media.  BU alumni Will agreed to share his expertise with 1000 students and members of the public who attended the prestigious annual BFX conference. The BXF Conference is hosted at the Bournemouth International Centre and is a unique event created and… Read more »

Holographic Keynote BFX

Debbie Holley and I attended the keynote lecture at the BFX festival last week. Peter Truckel, Pro Debbie Holley, Stephen Pyne First of all WOW and I mean WOW! BBC Arts editor Will Gompertz presented the talk ‘Think like an artist’, he delivered an energetic and interesting talk about artists and the methods they use… Read more »