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Anyone Can Teach Series- Part 4- Verbal Feedback.

Welcome back to our “Anyone Can Teach” basic teaching ideas series. This week’s advice comes from Dr Andrew Main. He is a Learning Impact Leader with CEL and local School Governor on behalf of BU.   Tip of the Day: When asked for his top teaching tip, he stressed the importance of using verbal feedback… Read more »

Summer of 6C: Patchwork text as remedy for the academic essay

This post was previously published on the CEL blog in 2017. There is much to take from this, so we thought it was worth posting again! Enjoy!   Source: “Surface Learning’: The Patchwork Text as a Remedy for the Academic Essay” (A slightly amended version of an article published in The Guardian, Education Section, Tuesday… Read more »

TEF and NSS: A managerial view

Speaker: Prof. Ferrante Neri Location: Inspire Lecture Theatre, Bournemouth University Date & Time: 30th of August, 11:00 Overview: The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) has recently become a fundamental exercise for British institutions since it directly affects the prestige of an institution and likely has an important impact on the students’ enrollment. Broadly the six metrics affecting the TEF… Read more »

LEAP workshop with Social Sciences – 27 Jul 18

During today’s Social Sciences Curriculum Development Day we held a LEAP workshop.  This was prompted by several drivers including the departmental revalidation exercise and new programmes/units scheduled for 2020, the more immediate need to consider how the new assessment policy, 6C, can be embedded ready for 2019 and the impetus for change generated from our… Read more »

Shrek, Saunders and the Onion Myth: Using Myths, Metaphors and Storytelling.

Title of our paper Presented at the: – European Conference of Research Methods (ECRM) – Rome 2018. Susanne Clarke has recently returned from the ECRM Conference in Rome after submitting a conference paper in partnership with Dr Lois Farquharson. The wider team also included our brilliant Student Research Assistant, Nancy Sheppard and a colleague from… Read more »

Learn more about quizzes in Brightspace

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Quizzes are a great way to engage students, find out where students need further support and provide an effective mechanism to provide feedback and feedforward to students.  In addition, with the focus in the new assessment policy, 6C, on more formative assessment for students, quizzes could be a really useful tool. Brightspace has an excellent… Read more »

Summer of 6C: Formative Feedback and TEL

Dr. Andy Callaway from the Faculty of Management, Department of Sport & Physical Activity, has created a video on the system he has created to provide formative feedback to students using technology. If you have any questions about how to do what Andy does, or need any support in creating something similar, please contact him… Read more »