This Halloween FLIE is getting hands on with Virtual Reality!

Did you know Oculus Quest headsets have harnessed the technology to track hand movements?

Image of green hands over a cauldron

This allows the user to control certain functionality when immersed into the virtual world without the use of physical hand controllers. Cameras embedded into the perimeter of the Oculus rift headsets track individual hand movements to correspond with the onscreen controls and gestures.  From moving though more basic interactions such as the inbuilt oculus menu systems to more advanced synthesising of medical procedures enabling trainee medical students to practice their techniques.

To highlight this functionality FLIE would like to invite you to a lunch time drop-in to try out Elixir, a fun, immersive experience developed for Oculus.  In the 10-minute demo you are the apprentice to an eccentric sorceress where you must use your virtual hands to combine magic and alchemy.

This mini event is being run as a drop-in session for staff on Monday 31st October in FG04 12:00-14:00 booking is not required, the experience should take approximately 10 minutes.

Have a fang-tastic Halloween

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