Monthly Archives: September 2015

Conference on Citizenship and Education – 3 Nov 15

In association with the British Sociological Association, BU is hosting a conference on Citizenship and Education on 3rd November in Bournemouth House. For more information or to book to attend the conference, please visit the British Sociological Association website

Life? Don’t Talk to Me About Life!

Dr Alex Wardrop, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Fair Access to Higher Education, reflects on loans, life, and the limits of fair access. The Sutton Trust recently published a report by John Thompson outlining the impact of the Government’s proposed changes to the student loan repayment structure and removal of maintenance grants to economically disadvantaged students…. Read more »

What can CEL do for you?

CEL is committed to providing timely and useful information (eg the CEL blog and Twitter feed) and a range of supporting services (eg PG Cert, project funding, the Teaching and Learning Fellowships, …) for BU. We would like to know what we can do that will contribute to your role in BU?  What information do… Read more »

TEL Toolkit: Mentimeter

I have been looking for an online tool to enable students equipped with a smartphone to provide feedback during lectures.  As many students have a device that can connect to the internet, using such a tool can help to improve engagement and can provide useful feedback and information. One such tool is called Mentimeter ( … Read more »

BU Learning and Teaching Fellowship scheme

During this week, we held two briefing sessions for academics at Lansdowne and Talbot campuses.  The purpose of the sessions was to explain the rationale for the scheme, discuss the benefits and walk through the application process. If anyone would like more information on the scheme, please go to the BU L&T page.  This page… Read more »

Subscribe to the CEL Twitter feed at cel_bu

If you are a fan of Twitter, why not subscribe to the CEL Twitter account called cel_bu? We tweet about CEL events and activities and also cover interesting news stories 0n teaching and learning.  In the last 24 hours, we have tweeted/retweeted on: BU’s learning and teaching fellowship scheme Figures about the number of PG… Read more »

Interested in Open Educational Resources (OERs) ? two opportunities to find out more

Dr Debbie Holley, Deputy Head of the CEL is on the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) Special Interest Group on Open Educational Resources. Below she outlines two events that will be of interest to those interested in this movement. Webinar on impact of Open Education – Findings from the OER Research Hub, 30 September 2015,… Read more »

CEL events in the next 4 weeks

CEL runs a range of events every month on Talbot and Lansdowne campuses. Here is the list for the coming month: 29 Sep – Learning and Teaching Fellow preparatory workshop.  EB303 12:00-13:00 30 Sep – Learning and Teaching Fellow preparatory workshop.  PG30a 10:00-11:00 1 Oct – Call for Fusion Investment Fund (FIF) Proposals 6 Oct… Read more »

Is blended learning making us stupid, too?

Ray Archee of the University of Western Sydney presented this paper at the International Conference on Higher Education Research in Shanghai, China, at the weekend. The title comes from a paper by Nicholas Carr from 2008 entitled ‘Is Google making us stupid? What the internet is doing to our brains’ which assessed whether the internet… Read more »