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TOMORROW: LAST iVLE Workshop (PREP Activity)

This year’s PREP activity across all Faculties is called iVLE. It is an opportunity for you to share best practice on your use of the VLE: MyBU or Brightspace and how this contributes to the student experience. The areas of education practice that comprise iVLE include but are not limited to: Content of units, ie learning… Read more »

iVLE – closes on Friday

iVLE, this year’s PREP activity closes on Friday, 4 May 2018.   Click here for more information on iVLE. If you have not already done so, can you please submit information on your group’s VLE activity using the link that is relevant to your faculty please?  The links are available here for HSS, FST, FMC and FoM…. Read more »

HE policy update for the w/e 27th April 2018

HE review deadline approaches – the latest on fees and funding Thank you to the staff and students who responded to the HE review survey that we ran before and after Easter, we are preparing our response and will use the data from the survey to inform it. We asked respondents for their top 3… Read more »

MyCareerHub at the BU Service Excellence Conference

The BU Careers & Employability Service showcased their recently updated MyCareerHub system at the BU Service Excellence Conference with the opportunity, for those who took part in a MyCareerHub activity, to win a bottle of Prosecco. A total of 49 staff from across the university took part in the activity and the lucky winner was… Read more »

BBC put today’s school pupils through an old tech challenge

Young people can no longer tell the time using the big hand and the little hand, and some schools are even replacing standard clocks with digital ones in exam halls, according to some teachers. We asked School Reporters from Catmose College, Rutland, what they thought – and we added a few extra questions to test whether they could recognise other… Read more »

Co-creation- University of Derby students and Digital Capabilities

the CEL logo

Apologies for cross posting, and many thanks to Laura Hollinshead for sharing ==== I thought I would share some resources we have created with University of Derby students about Digital Capabilities. Along with an overview video there are a further 6 quick videos, animated by students to cover the elements within the Jisc framework. What… Read more »

Registration open for 7th International Meeting on Origami in Science, Mathematics and Education (7OSME)

  I’m the organising committee for the 7th International Meeting on Origami in Science, Mathematics and Education (7OSME). Yes, isn’t amazing that this is even a ‘thing’. This two day event is on 5-7 September 2018 in Oxford. This is a rigorous academic meeting and welcomes educators and researchers across disciplines such as design, maths,… Read more »

13th June CELebrate2018: Teaching, Technology and the TEF (keynote speaker Sarah Knight from JISC)

  This year our CEL ‘CELebration’ events were Faculty based with a series of Faculty led Assessment and Feedback fiestas, conferences and laboratories. For CELebrate2018, the key theme that arose from working with staff across the University, was working with large groups. In this year’s CELebrate symposium, we are convening a range of different opportunities… Read more »

@cel_bu, the BEST TWEETERS in the land!!

It’s official!! The CEL team are THE BEST Tweeters across the UK… or at least at the ALDinHE Conference, which took place March 26-28 in Leicester. CEL Theme Leaders, Dr. Shelley Thompson, Anne Quinney and Dr. Ann Luce, along with Head of CEL, Prof. Debbie Holley made the long trek north over the Easter break… Read more »

CEL: Exploring My Academic Career Profile in the Thinking Environment

Wednesday 30th May 13:00 – 14:30 at Talbot Campus The workshops will provide a space for those who attend to explore their route through their academic career pathway and reflect on that route whilst also considering the path they will take in the future. The workshop will provide a basic overview of the Thinking Environment… Read more »