Eye Tracking Technologies

The FLIE Learning Technology team have been investigating eye tracking technology and how it can be applied to innovate teaching and learning practices.

What is eye tracking technology?

Eye tracking technology helps observe and measure eye movements, pupil dilation, point of gaze, and blinking to see where subjects of a study focus their visual attention, what they engage with, and what they ignore.

Interestingly, eye tracking is not a new concept and actually dates back to the late 19th century, however with technological advancements the ability to track eye movements has become increasing more commonplace in businesses, industry and educational research.

Some eye tracking software has the capacity to not only actualise where the observers gaze but can also apply heat mapping overlays to demonstrate measurable trends and patterns of surveillance.

In FLIE we have been using the Pupil Labs Invisible product which involves the observer wearing eye tracking glasses that have inbuilt cameras to record and track eye movements. The specialist glasses are then tethered to a mobile device allowing the user the freedom of movement to track eye movements in a multitude of different scenarios.  To highlight this innovation, we have created a short video with visual examples of how it can be applied:

Eye-Tracking in Education video


How do I find out more?

If you are interested in knowing more, would like a demonstration or would like to use this technology as part of a planned teaching session, please get in touch with your Faculty Learning Technologist who can provide more information.

2 Responses to “Eye Tracking Technologies”

  1. Elvira Bolat's avatar Elvira Bolat

    Just to add we have various projects with web-based eye tracking used – we found good product that is great and it enables to use user’s own device cameras for eye tracking with results being quite rigorous and comparable to ones used in lab-based studies and lab-based products.

    • twebb's avatar twebb

      Hi Elvira, would be good to connect to see what you’re using and see if the team can help support with any of this activity


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