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Rubrics – Guidance and Communication

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Here in FLIE we have seen a significant increase in rubrics being adopted by staff this academic year, so we thought we would share some information and best practice. For context, rubrics are used to evaluate an activity or item based on a predefined set of criteria. They help ensure that activities and items are… Read more » about Rubrics – Guidance and Communication

Leaving FLIE and BU

I (Anne Quinney, Principal Lecturer in FLIE and the Assessment & Feedback academic lead) will be leaving BU at the end of this academic year and with annual leave due to me will be finishing on 20th July. I’ve worked in FLIE, and its predecessor CEL (Centre for Excellence in Learning), for 9 years, having… Read more » about Leaving FLIE and BU

Lively debate in the FLIE Generic Assessment Criteria Workshop

Assessment and Feedback toolkit

This week a FLIE Educational Enhancement workshop, led by Anne Quinney, focussed on using the generic assessment criteria. John Moran, Learning Technologist, contributed to the session and encouraged people to use the electronic rubric and to use the QuickMarks facility. The session covered how to use the Generic Assessment Criteria; where they are located in… Read more » about Lively debate in the FLIE Generic Assessment Criteria Workshop

Providing meaningful feedback for students

Assessment and Feedback toolkit

Students at BU, when asked recently, have voiced their wishes for clearer expectations about assignments and for clearer feedback. One of the tools that can be used to enhance feedback is the BU Generic Assessment Criteria, revised in 2021. This recent version places more emphasis on skills such as team-working, group work/project work, self-management of… Read more » about Providing meaningful feedback for students