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Turnitin Similarity Report Checklist

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When enabled on Brightspace, Turnitin will generate a Similarity Report on assignment submissions. This Similarity Report is the result of a comparison between the text of the submission and the Turnitin database of billions of pages of active and archived internet information, a repository of works previously submitted to Turnitin, and a repository of tens… Read more »

Fusion Learning Colloquium – 30th June 2022

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You are invited to share your work in the area of Fusion-based learning in the form of posters or abstracts to showcase innovation and excellence for student learning. All posters and abstracts will be included in a Colloquium proceedings with an ISBN. Your submission can reflect on themes relating to your approach to Fusion-based Learning including… Read more »

Large file submissions via Brightspace

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As we approach another busy assessment period, just a reminder that the recent issue which was preventing students from uploading large file submissions to Brightspace has been fixed. The issue was only affecting students who were required to submit large files (typically media files) that were over 1.2GB to Brightspace. The size limit (per file)… Read more »

Spotlight on the Assessment and Feedback Toolkit 8: Groupwork

Assessment and Feedback toolkit

The spotlight this week is on the Groupwork section of the Toolkit. Some advantages of using groupwork the development and enhancement of students’ social, interpersonal, intercultural and ‘networking’ skills; the opportunity for students to discuss and develop concepts as well as exchanging and agreeing ideas; the opportunity for a team of individuals to work… Read more »

Spotlight on the Assessment & Feedback Toolkit: 7

Assessment and Feedback toolkit

This week’s spotlight is on Flipping Feedback, based on the work of  Dai Hounsell,  Visiting Professor. For many of our students, feedback often comes too late in the assessment cycle to be useful. Often assignments test what the student doesn’t know, or didn’t grasp, rather than supporting the fullest possible learning and understanding. If… Read more »

Spotlight on the Assessment and Feedback Toolkit : 6

Assessment and Feedback toolkit

The spotlight this week is on the Inclusive Assessment section of the Toolkit, identified on the home page of the toolkit by the image below, or accessed by clicking on this link.   Inclusivity is an important aspect of assessment design. In order to set fair assessment tasks we must take into account the… Read more »

Education Enhancement Workshops – May


After the Easter break, FLIE will be back with two more Education Enhancement Workshops. You can book your spot via the links below. May Using the Generic Assessment Criteria – 11th May (12:00 to 13:00) Co-creating teaching and learning (relational pedagogies) – 18th May (12:00 to 13:00) While you wait for these sessions you can access the… Read more »

Utilising Turnitin Similarity Reports

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A typical submission via Brightspace’s assignment tool with Turnitin enabled will generate a Similarity Report.  Turnitin is a platform that allows for assignment feedback via a number of tools, as well as generating a Similarity Report for the submitted piece of work. The Similarity Report is a guide to help you understand the academic integrity… Read more »

Spotlight on the Assessment and Feedback Toolkit (5)

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This week’s focus is on the Inclusive Assessment section of the Toolkit resources. This section sets out why inclusive assessment is important, some principles for inclusive assessment and some practical steps to create inclusive assessment. The principles are Assessment  for Learning – which is set out in the policy document 6c Principle of Assessment… Read more »

Spotlight on the Assessment and Feedback Toolkit (4)

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The spotlight this week is on the Peer Assessment section of the toolkit. This resource was developed by Dai Hounsell, Visiting Professor, and and is built around 10 commonly asked questions about peer feedback. The answers to each of these questions are supported by published literature. Peer Feedback will be the theme of the first… Read more »