Virtual Reality Technologies

As of 2022 there are an estimated 171 million VR users worldwide and it is estimated that by the end of the decade the VR industry will result in over 23 million jobs worldwide.

Link to statistics (enterpriseappstodday website)

The following graphic demonstrates expected growth of virtual reality by industry with education, health care and workplace learning and development representing the top three spots of the overall market share. This projection will not only affect how we harness virtual technologies in our teaching and learning practice but the developments in industry will almost certainly steer the direction of travel in developing the adoption of these technologies in delivering undergraduate and post graduate education.

At Bournemouth University the application of virtual reality technologies has increased rapidly in the last 8 years, from early adopters experimenting with the hardware and software in understating its capacity for TEL, to fully realised VR labs and fully mapped out undergraduate courses. Here in FLIE we have contributed to various educational and research projects supporting blended teaching approaches for staff as well as enabling students in understanding the benefits of VR and how they can be applied to their professional practice. To highlight virtual reality technologies and how they can be used, colleagues in FLIE have put together this short video showcase.



Colleagues in FLIE have been enthused to find out about various projects and teaching opportunities created by academic staff across BU through adopting virtual reality technologies into their own course delivery and we are looking for future collaboration opportunities and projects.

How do I find out more?

If you have a project you would like to share with the TELID team or If you are interested in knowing more and would like a demonstration, please get in touch with your Faculty Learning Technologist who can provide more information.

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