New assessment report from the Office for Students

Assessment and Feedback toolkit

A publication this month from the Office for Students (OfS) reports on assessment practices in relation to spelling, punctuation and grammar. This was partly informed by reports from employers that graduates were not meeting their expectations of proficient in literacy skills. According to the report (paragraph 7b),  “Accurate and effective spelling, punctuation and grammar… Read more »

Introducing the BU Skills Development Programme

Employers are increasingly looking for graduates that are proficient in ‘softer’ transferable skills in addition to specialised knowledge from a degree to prepare them for today’s world of work. BU’s new Skills Development Programme is free and available to all current BU students. It provides a structured approach to career development and helps students build… Read more »

BU Staff Employability Conference – 26 October 2021

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Have you registered for the BU Staff Employability conference yet? Universities are key to ensuring their graduates are equipped with the experiences, skills, and attributes to allow them to obtain employment in their chosen fields, and indeed, to adapt and change with the labour market in the future. The BU Staff Employability Conference 2021, part… Read more »

MUSE is on the way

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What is MUSE? The Mid-Unit Student Evaluation (MUSE) is a survey designed to encourage students to reflect on their progress to date and feed back on their learning experience, including views on any summative or formative feedback received during their current unit. This information enables tutors to incorporate any necessary enhancements moving forward, therefore adding… Read more »

TeachBU Update – Colleagues Achieving HEA Fellowship

I’m delighted to confirm that the following colleagues have recently achieved HEA Fellowship from Advance HE after applying through TeachBU: Associate Fellows: Marta Paglioni (FHSS) & Shayan Bahadori (FHSS) Fellows: Heather Tamminen (FST) & Tracey Webb (FLIE) Senior Fellow: Hyun-Joo Lim (FHSS) Congratulations!!! Dr Martyn Polkinghorne Chair of the TeachBU Assessment Panel for HEA Applications

UKCGE Route to Recognition for Supervisory Practice: October Deadline for Submission

            Are you an established research degree supervisor? Would you like your supervisory practice acknowledged at national level? The UK Council for Graduate Education (UKCGE) has developed the Good Supervisory Practice Framework and the Research Supervision Recognition Programme to allow established supervisors to gain recognition for this challenging, but rewarding, role. Acknowledging the… Read more »

Upcoming FLIE Workshops

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FLIE will be running some new workshops for academic staff this semester. The first two sessions will focus on Teaching Large Cohorts (Wednesday 27 October) and on Inclusion, Equality and Social Justice (Friday 29 October).  Teaching Large Cohorts We are usually so busy that the experience of teaching and learning large cohorts is taken as… Read more »

Introduction to Brightspace for new starters

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As part of our Brightspace online training we’ve recently added a module for new starters. This module is aimed at new teaching staff to help them get familiar with navigating Brightspace and to understand some of the basics, including: where to go for help and support the different types of units the different content experiences… Read more »

Date availability settings now available for ‘Lessons’ content experiences

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When the Lessons Content Experiences were first introduced in 2019 they did not include the ability to release content and modules by date whilst this functionality has always been available within the Standard Content Experience. We’re pleased (relieved) to announce that the Lessons 1 ‘New content experience’ and Lessons 2 ‘New learner experience’ now have… Read more »