Business, Management & Marketing

Elvira Bolat

Dr Elvira Bolat

Principal Academic in Marketing

Areas of expertise

Elvira’s research covers the digital aspects of businesses and consumers. Research expertise and professional practice cover digital marketing – in particular, digital strategy, social media management and analytics, creative content management, influencing-followers relationships, and trust repair and transparency in various industries including online gambling and the gaming sector. Her gambling and trust repair related projects… Read more »

Dr Daniel Lock

Head of Research and Professional Practice, and Principal Academic in Sport Management

Areas of expertise

Daniel’s primary research interests focus on social perception and identity dynamics as they apply to sport consumption and participation. Specifically, his research addresses: (1) The influence of group membership on consumer and participant behaviour. In particularly, he investigates how organisations can cultivate identities to enhance consumer and participant retention and experiences. (2) Social perceptions of organisational… Read more »

Dr Deborah Sadd

Dr Debbie Sadd

Principal Academic, Department of People and Organisations

Areas of expertise

Debbie’s current research interests include the evaluation of events through the Framework for Assessing Major Events (F.A.M.E.), social impacts of events, urban regeneration opportunities from events, stakeholder management, and legacy planning. Other activities include being part of the ESRC-funded Sports Tourism initiative (STORMING) to undertake research into Sports Tourism opportunities and challenges, and the FestiM… Read more »

Mark Ridolfo

Mark Ridolfo

Programme Leader in Business Studies

Areas of expertise

Mark is Programme Leader for the BA (Hons) Business Studies and BA (Hons) Business and Management degrees, a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and a thought leader in business and management education. Having previously lived and worked in France, Germany, Italy and China, and for many years managed the Business School’s international recruitment… Read more »

Lee Miles

Professor Lee Miles

Professor of Crisis & Disaster Management

Areas of expertise

Lee researches the relationship between innovation and resilience in crisis and disaster management. He is particularly interested in the impact of entrepreneurship in international crisis and disaster management, with specific emphasis on developing concepts of ‘entrepreneurial resilience’. He is also involved in several projects examining the role of communication strategies, gaming and simulations in crisis… Read more »

Rebecca Jenkins

Dr Rebecca Jenkins

Lecturer in Advertising

Areas of expertise

Becky is a lecturer in Consumer Culture and Behaviour. Broadly, her research interests centre on the ways in which consumption is integrated into everyday life (e.g. love, relationships, periods of transition). Her PhD was on the imagination in consumption and focused on how consumption, in various guises, fits into everyday imagining. She has also researched the use of… Read more »

Chris Chapleo

Dr Chris Chapleo

Principal Academic, Marketing & Branding

Areas of expertise

Chris’ research interests are in marketing and branding in the non-profit sector, particularly education. He has published and spoken widely on aspects of higher education branding and is involved in ongoing consultancy projects in the sector. He is currently researching brand orientation in the non-profit sector. Prior to academia, he held senior marketing roles in… Read more »

Melissa Carr

Melissa Carr

Senior Lecturer in Leadership Development

Areas of expertise

Melissa is a chartered occupational psychologist whose career spans consultancy, education and leadership development. She is particularly interested in the way organisations select and retain talent and how they develop leadership capability. She also has extensive experience of using psychometrics with individuals and teams, and has conducted research on the difference and diversity of personality… Read more »

Jeff Bray

Dr Jeff Bray

Senior Lecturer in Marketing & Retail Management

Areas of expertise

Jeff’s passion and research area is retailing and consumer marketing. He is currently researching ethical considerations in consumer purchasing decisions. He also has an interest in the internationalisation of retailing, and general retail issues. His research has featured in numerous journals including the Journal of Business Ethics and Journal of Tourism Research and his work… Read more »

Milena Bobeva

Dr Milena Bobeva

MBA Director and Principal Academic

Areas of expertise

Milena started her career as an information systems analyst and designer and joined higher education as a researcher in business process innovation. A career as an academic-practitioner followed, with Milena an early adopter of technology-enhanced learning. She is also a key advocate of education innovation through cross-generational collaboration. Milena has contributed to articles in The… Read more »