Tourism, Hospitality & Events

Dr Jayne Caudwell

Associate Professor of Events and Leisure

Areas of expertise

Jayne’s teaching and research interests are concerned with leisure and sport cultures, feminist theories, theories of sexualities and qualitative research methodologies. She joined Bournemouth University in 2015 as Associate Professor & Head of Research in the Department of Events & Leisure. She is Head of the research Centre for Events, Leisure, Society and Culture (CELSC)…. Read more »

Dr Anya Chapman

Senior Lecturer in Tourism Management

Areas of expertise

Anya’s current research interests and publications include work on the regeneration of coastal resorts, tourism development in Malta, tourism employment and traditional attractions at British seaside resorts such as fairgrounds, piers, and amusement arcades. Anya serves on the Executive Committee of the National Piers Society and has visited all 59 seaside piers in the UK!… Read more »

Dr Deborah Sadd

Dr Debbie Sadd

Principal Academic, Department of People and Organisations

Areas of expertise

Debbie’s current research interests include the evaluation of events through the Framework for Assessing Major Events (F.A.M.E.), social impacts of events, urban regeneration opportunities from events, stakeholder management, and legacy planning. Other activities include being part of the ESRC-funded Sports Tourism initiative (STORMING) to undertake research into Sports Tourism opportunities and challenges, and the FestiM… Read more »

Derek Robbins

Derek Robbins

Senior Lecturer in Transport and Tourism

Areas of expertise

Derek trained as a transport planner and has published widely on the relationship between transport and tourism, as well as developing research into tourism’s contribution to climate change. He has conducted projects for clients including, most recently, the Euro Arab Institute Foundation and the United Nations World Tourism Organisation. Derek has extensive media experience, including… Read more »

Hanaa Osman

Dr Hanaa Osman

Senior Lecturer in Tourism & Hospitality

Areas of expertise

Hanaa’s research interests are in the areas of hospitality, culture, gender and travel experiences. She is currently working on research around females travelling to Islamic destinations and has explored the experiences of ethnic migrant workers in the UK hospitality industry. Hanaa also supervises a number of PhD studies in the areas of emotional labour of… Read more »

Philip Long

Dr Philip Long

Associate Dean in Tourism & Hospitality

Areas of expertise

Philip has 25 years’ experience in tourism higher education and research, with a particular focus on popular culture, media, festivals and their relationships with tourism – including his book Tourism and the Creative Industries. He is a board member of the Tourism Society, Tourism Management Institute and the International Festivals and Events Association. Philip has… Read more »

Duncan Light

Dr Duncan Light

Senior Lecturer in Tourism

Areas of expertise

Duncan’s expertise lies in Central and Eastern Europe – particularly Romania. He is especially interested in how the country has negotiated ‘Dracula Tourism’, which is not welcome in the country but can generate a lot of income. He also explores how tourism unfolds in communist states and how the leftover heritage of communism can become… Read more »

Caroline Jackson

Dr Caroline Jackson

Head of Department of Events & Leisure

Areas of expertise

Caroline heads BU’s Events & Leisure academic team and teaches events, arts, and cultural marketing. As a founding member and current Chair of the Association for Events Management Education (AEME) she works with a number of event and leisure bodies to represent the industry to government and wider policy & professional bodies. Caroline’s research interests… Read more »

Philippa Hudson

Philippa Hudson

Senior Lecturer in Food Safety

Areas of expertise

Philippa is a food safety professional specialising in the implementation of food safety management systems in smaller businesses. With a background in practical food microbiology, Philippa delivers aspects of food safety and food hygiene to hospitality and nutrition undergraduates. Philippa’s research focuses on the everyday impact of food safety, from children’s lunchboxes to students’ fridges…. Read more »

Heather Hartwell

Professor Heather Hartwell

Professor of Food Service & Applied Nutrition

Areas of expertise

Heather is a registered nutritionist and member of the Nutrition Society, researching public health nutrition. She currently leads two EU projects – VeggiEAT, which promotes healthy eating and vegetable consumption, and FoodSMART, which aims to provide more informed consumer choice when eating out. She also coordinates Destination FeelGood, engaging with organisations to help develop wellbeing… Read more »