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Sally Lee

Dr Sally Lee

Lecturer in Social Work

Areas of expertise

Sally has over twenty years of experience of social work practice with adults in a range of community and hospital settings. This work has including managing complex safeguarding interventions and working within mental capacity legislation and other statutory functions.  Her research has focused on marginalised groups and has promoted participatory approaches which empower individuals and… Read more »

Osman Ahmed

Dr Osman Ahmed

Senior Lecturer and Programme Lead for Sports Therapy

Areas of expertise

Osman is a sports physiotherapist with an extensive record of working in disability sport. He has worked as part of Team GB at the 2008 and 2016 Paralympic Games, and still works with the elite disability football squads at the Football Association. His research background is focused on concussion in sport, and the role that… Read more »

Ian Swain

Professor Ian Swain

Professor of Clinical Engineering

Areas of expertise

Ian’s principle areas of interest are in rehabilitation engineering, in particular functional electrical stimula­tion (FES), and in specialist seating and pressure sore prevention. He has seven patents and has written over 150 papers on Biomedical Engineering. Ian was Director of Clinical Science and Engineering at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust and helped develop an extensive clinical… Read more »

Tula Brannelly

Dr Tula Brannelly

Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing

Areas of expertise

Dr Tula Brannelly researches and teaches in the area of care and mental health and dementia. Tula’s areas of interest are in the lived experience of care, how people are actively enabled to participate in care, and how health and social care services support people with dementia and carers.

Professor Lee-Ann Fenge

Professor of Social Care

Areas of expertise

Lee-Ann has been an academic for 23 years and is also a Registered Social Worker committed to advancing the professional evidence base of practitioners. Her research is focused on participatory arts-based methods to engage with seldom heard voices. This includes projects with older LGBT citizens, young people with disabilities, and homeless people – creating outputs… Read more »

Professor Michael Silk

Professor and Deputy Dean of Research & Professional Practice

Areas of expertise

Michael’s research focuses on the relationships between sport & physical activity (physical culture), the governance of bodies, mediated (sporting) spectacles, identities and urban spaces. His current research addresses the relationship between sport mega-events, urban renewal, and social inequalities. His work aims to push at the ontological, epistemological, methodological, and pedagogic boundaries of the critical, social… Read more »

Associate Professor Kevin McGhee

Acting Deputy Dean Education & Professional Practice, Associate Professor in Health Sciences

Areas of expertise

Kevin is interested in how genetics, combined with psychological and environmental events plays a role in the development of complex psychiatric disorders. Although genetics slightly increases risk, it does not mean an individual will develop such illness. It is this interplay between biology and non-biology that interests him. Therefore a lot of his efforts are now focused on… Read more »

Heather Hartwell

Professor Heather Hartwell

Professor of Food Service & Applied Nutrition

Areas of expertise

Heather is a registered nutritionist and member of the Nutrition Society, researching public health nutrition. She currently leads two EU projects – VeggiEAT, which promotes healthy eating and vegetable consumption, and FoodSMART, which aims to provide more informed consumer choice when eating out. She also coordinates Destination FeelGood, engaging with organisations to help develop wellbeing… Read more »

Dr Jan Wiener

Associate Professor in Psychology

Areas of expertise

Jan is a cognitive psychologist whose research focuses primarily on orientation and navigation behaviour. He is interested in the effects that cognitive ageing has on our wayfinding abilities. In his investigations he makes use of different methods such as behavioural navigation experiments, virtual reality techniques, eye-tracking, and cognitive modelling.

Dr Simon Thompson

Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology & Neuropsychology

Areas of expertise

Simon is an expert in yawning, its underlying causes and effects on the body. He is developing a new diagnostic tool for early detection of neurological disorders using cortisol levels during excessive yawning. He has recently been commissioned to study celebrity clientele by a top fashion label, and also has interests in post-traumatic stress disorder,… Read more »