Accounting, Finance & Economics

Dermot McCarthy

Dr Dermot McCarthy

Principal Academic in Economics

Areas of expertise

Dermot’s research interests are cross-disciplinary, encapsulating areas of economics and employee relations. His research focuses on public-sector economics, theory of the firm and public-sector industrial relations. He has published a number of papers relating to the impact of privatisation and employee share-ownership on employee attitudes and commitment in the workplace. Dermot has been interviewed several… Read more »

Tim Lloyd

Professor Tim Lloyd

Professor of Economics

Areas of expertise

Tim’s research and teaching interests are agricultural and food economics – particularly pricing and competition in the food industry. Much of his recent work has analysed food inflation, supermarket pricing and the role of supermarket promotions as part of a three-year European research project, the Transparency of Food Pricing (TRANSFOP), funded by the European Commission…. Read more »

Nigel Jump

Professor Nigel F Jump

Emeritus Professor of Regional Economics

Areas of expertise

Nigel has extensive professional experience in a range of applied economics at local, regional, national and international levels. He is a respected analyst, adviser and commentator on the state of the southern English economy, engaging with macro-economic trends and structures and how they affect local business conditions. His research interests are around how aspects of… Read more »

Medhi Chowdhury

Dr Mehdi Chowdhury

Deputy Head of Department in Accounting, Finance and Economics

Areas of expertise

Mehdi specialises in both theoretical and empirical methods in economics, with research interests in international migration and game theory. He primarily works within international migration literature, using applied game theory (simulation modelling), and his current areas of research include international migration, having visited refugee camps around the world, human capital and incentives.

Adam Blake

Professor Adam Blake

Professor of Economics and Econometrics

Areas of expertise

Adam’s research has used economic modelling techniques to analyse a variety of issues, often relating to tourism – including government reports on the economic impact of the London 2012 Olympics; productivity and tourism demand in the UK; climate change mitigation; and income taxes. Recently, Adam has also been involved in research relating to the effects of potential… Read more »