Computing & Information Technology

Marios Angelopoulos

Dr. Marios Angelopoulos

Principal Academic in Department of Computing & Informatics

Areas of expertise

Dr. Angelopoulos has extensive expertise in ad-hoc networks and distributed systems with a focus on the areas of Internet of Things, 5G networks and other emerging paradigms such as crowdsourced systems. Marios’ expertise ranges from the study of fundamental algorithmic aspects of such networks to studying end-to-end architectures, developing corresponding testbeds and deploying proof-of-concept systems…. Read more »

Professor Marcin Budka

Professor of Data Science, Computing and Informatics

Areas of expertise

Marcin’s research interests lie in a broadly understood area of machine learning and data science, with a particular focus on practical applications. Throughout his career, Marcin was involved in a number of research projects with industry, with a particular focus on tangible impact and societally useful innovation. Some of his most recent projects include Integrated software… Read more »

Shamal Faily

Dr Shamal Faily

Senior Lecturer in Systems Security Engineering

Areas of expertise

Shamal’s research examines what it means to design security into software, and how security can designed in such a way that helps rather than hinders productivity and innovation. He is also interested in how software tools can be used to support design for security. Shamal has published over 50 peer-reviewed publications, and his research has appeared… Read more »

Dr Jacqui Taylor

Associate Professor in Psychology

Areas of expertise

Jacqui’s research comes under the broad area of cyberpsychology, which investigates the psychology of internet behaviour. She has investigated the positive and negative impacts that using social networks and online games (e.g. Facebook and videogame addiction) have on children, adolescents and students. Recently Jacqui has been collaborating with cybersecurity experts and has researched online deviance… Read more »

Dr Christos Gatzidis

Senior Lecturer in Creative Technology

Areas of expertise

Christos specialises in computer games technology and development, and how games can be used in learning. As a result he has twice received European Commission funding for collaborative projects under the Lifelong Learning Programme. He has written on games development, particularly iOS game development for beginners in Epic Games’ Unreal Development Kit – an introduction… Read more »

Professor Bogdan Gabrys

Head of Data Science Institute

Areas of expertise

Bogdan’s research interests focus on statistical predictive modelling and diagnostic analysis and he has consulted for various organisations including Lufthansa, BT and Evonik Industries. His work encompasses the development of various statistical analysis techniques, process modelling and pattern recognition as well as machine learning, nature-inspired and hybrid intelligent techniques. Bogdan has appeared on various national… Read more »

Dr Edward Apeh

Lecturer in Computing

Areas of expertise

Edward has over 12 years of industry experience and has led successful projects in the areas of data analytics, data mining and web technologies. He has also reviewed for various journals and published in the area of cyber security, data analytics, cognitive computation and neurocomputing; and has a number of patents in signal analysis and processing.

Dr Raian Ali

Professor in Computing

Areas of expertise

Raian’s research focuses on the engineering of digital motivation solutions (Gamification, Persuasive Technology, Incentive Centred Design, etc.), the elicitation and management of transparency requirements in information systems as well as the design of systems which are receptive and responsive to the feedback of their users, preferably called citizens. Raian has a keen interest in software… Read more »

Professor Stephen Heppell

Professor of New Media Environments

Areas of expertise

Stephen has been hailed internationally as an expert in online education and learning spaces. His vast portfolio of projects have established him as a leader in the fields of learning, new media and technology. After his career as a school teacher, Stephen was a pioneer in the use of multimedia in the classroom and has worked on… Read more »