Sally Brown

Dr Sally Brown

Deputy Head of Department, Life and Environmental Sciences

Areas of expertise

Sally is a coastal scientist and has special interests in the global impacts of sea-level rise, climate change adaptation and local shoreline management. In 2018, she was a Lead Author in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Special Report into the impact of a 1.5°C in temperature, and is presently contributing to the UK Climate… Read more »

Professor Rick Stafford

Professor of Marine Biology and Conservation

Areas of expertise

Rick is a marine biologist and academic based at Bournemouth University. His research is currently focused on understanding and protecting the marine environment in a holistic manner. This involves understanding the role of multiple stresses which act on marine organisms, and the interactions between the organisms (which can form part of the stress). Currently, Rick’s… Read more »

Professor John Stewart

Professor in Evolutionary Palaeoecology

Areas of expertise

John is an environmental paleoecologist and studies environmental change and the effects of climate and ecological change on the evolution of organisms, including humans. He has broad research interests in understanding the nature, timing and location of ice age species’ distributions and works with ancient DNA scientists looking at how organisms respond to past climate… Read more »

Professor Amanda H. Korstjens

Professor of Behavioural Ecology

Areas of expertise

Amanda investigates the relationship between the environment, climate, human land use, and the behaviour and survival of primates and Sumatran elephants. She leads LEAP: Landscape Ecology and Primatology at BU, which investigates forest ecosystems and compares data to see how different circumstances are affecting primate densities and behaviours. Amanda has experience with both national and… Read more »

Dr Luciana Esteves

Associate Professor in Physical Geography

Areas of expertise

Luciana’s research interests are related to environmental change in coastal areas driven by natural and human-induced process and the implications for coastal management. In particular, she is interested in how climate change will affect the frequency and intensity of extreme events and the implications to coastal flooding and erosion hazards, risks and vulnerability. Luciana works… Read more »