Design & Engineering Design

Dr Ben Thomas

Principal Academic in Sustainable Design

Areas of expertise

Ben is active in the field of sustainable design research and engineering, particularly in tribology. His work on sustainable design for lifeboat slipways has been implemented at RNLI locations throughout the country. In addition he has developed a series of small scale research projects in collaboration with Oviedo University in Spain to investigate the material… Read more »

Professor Siamak Noroozi

Professor of Advanced Technology

Areas of expertise

Siamak’s current research is focused around the following three themes; medical engineering, mechanical engineering and creative design. Within medical engineering his focus is on prosthetics and joint implants, and his other work includes the design and development of hydraulic valves, ergonomic design of work spaces and developing low-cost manufacturing tools for creating prosthetics. Siamak has… Read more »

Professor Sine McDougall

Emeritus Professor of Psychology

Areas of expertise

Sine’s research focuses on how we understand, learn, and use icons and signs used on computer interfaces, traffic and public information signs. Her recent research explores the cognitive processing underpinning the visual appeal of interfaces, with the aim of explaining how consumer appeal develops over time and how this influences decision-making. Other projects are examining… Read more »

Professor Zulfiqar A. Khan

Professor of Design, Engineering & Computing

Areas of expertise

Zulfiqar is a mechanical engineer whose research interests focus on multidisciplinary approaches to provide sustainable design solutions for complex interacting systems and machine including developing novel nano-coatings for tribology applications, corrosion condition monitoring techniques, efficient modelling and numerical simulation methods. He has expertise in nano-fluids and thermodynamics for renewable energy applications, particularly in nano enhanced thermofluids and… Read more »

Dr Christos Gatzidis

Professor and Head of Creative Technology

Areas of expertise

Christos specialises in computer games technology and development, and how games can be used in learning. As a result he has twice received European Commission funding for collaborative projects under the Lifelong Learning Programme. He has written on games development, particularly iOS game development for beginners in Epic Games’ Unreal Development Kit – an introduction… Read more »

Dr Bryce Dyer

Associate Professor and Deputy Head Of Department Design and Engineering

Areas of expertise

Bryce’s current research interest is with the philosophy, design and performance analysis of technology used in elite sport. He is also an experienced designer of products ranging from air filtration equipment and clothing to prosthetic limbs used by athletes who have competed at the Paralympic Games. He is passionate about community engagement in design and… Read more »