Academics with expertise in Community engagement

Dr Deborah Sadd

Dr Debbie Sadd

Principal Academic, Department of People and Organisations

Areas of expertise

Debbie’s current research interests include the evaluation of events through the Framework for Assessing Major Events (F.A.M.E.), social impacts of events, urban regeneration opportunities from events, stakeholder management, and legacy planning. Other activities include being part of the ESRC-funded Sports Tourism initiative (STORMING) to undertake research into Sports Tourism opportunities and challenges, and the FestiM… Read more »

Ian Jones

Head of Regional Community Partnerships

Areas of expertise

Ian’s main area of responsibility at BU is in helping to establish relationships with community and industry, encouraging them to engage with the university. As part of this he has spearheaded campaigns involving staff and students giving back to the local area via volunteering and other activities. He also works closely with local organisations, businesses, councils and… Read more »