Sally Brown

Dr Sally Brown

Deputy Head of Department, Life and Environmental Sciences

Areas of expertise

Sally is a coastal scientist and has special interests in the global impacts of sea-level rise, climate change adaptation and local shoreline management. In 2018, she was a Lead Author in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Special Report into the impact of a 1.5°C in temperature, and is presently contributing to the UK Climate… Read more »

Rachel Moseley

Dr Rachel Moseley

Principal Academic In Psychology

Areas of expertise

Rachel’s research interests centre on autism spectrum conditions (ASC). She examines issues of central concern to autistic people, including mental health, suicidality, self-injury, ageing and late-diagnosis. Rachel also investigates aspects of cognition and sex differences between autistic men and women. Previously, she has used neurometabolic (MRI, DTI) and electrophysiological (EEG, MEG) methods to investigate language,… Read more »

Dr Richard Paul

Dr Richard Paul

Associate Professor in Bioanalytical Chemistry

Areas of expertise

Richard Paul is a bio-analytical chemist with a particular interest in the analysis of biomarkers of stress and alcohol/drug abuse. Richard is currently working in collaboration with the Prison Officers Association to explore the issue of drug abuse in prisons and the effect of second hand exposure to drug fumes on prison staff. Richard also… Read more »

Derek Pitman

Dr Derek Pitman

Deputy Head Of Department Of Archaology And Anthropology

Areas of expertise

Derek is an archaeologist whose research focuses on how humans use and exploit resources and how early communities became settled and subsequently urbanised. He also combines archaeological science, field archaeology and experimental archaeology to explore themes such as social complexity, identity and communication. Derek has conducted fieldwork in Britain, Russia, Greece, Serbia and Spain and… Read more »

Innes McCartney

Dr Innes McCartney

Leverhulme Research Fellow, Archaeology

Areas of expertise

Innes has been locating, studying and identifying shipwrecks for over 30 years. His primary research interests include the nautical archaeology of naval conflict, the Battle of Jutland and the wars at sea in both World War I and World War II. He also specialises in the interpretation of high grade sonar data used to prospect… Read more »

Professor Marcin Budka

Professor of Data Science

Areas of expertise

Marcin’s research interests lie in a broadly understood area of machine learning and data science, with a particular focus on practical applications. Throughout his career, Marcin was involved in a number of research projects with industry, with a particular focus on tangible impact and societally useful innovation. Some of his most recent projects include Integrated software… Read more »

Professor Rick Stafford

Professor of Marine Biology and Conservation

Areas of expertise

Rick is a marine biologist and academic based at Bournemouth University. His research is currently focused on understanding and protecting the marine environment in a holistic manner. This involves understanding the role of multiple stresses which act on marine organisms, and the interactions between the organisms (which can form part of the stress). Currently, Rick’s… Read more »

Richard Gordon

Richard Gordon MBE

Director of Bournemouth University Disaster Management Centre

Areas of expertise

Richard has provided disaster management consultancy, project management and training to government ministries, national security forces, media, industry, emergency services and nongovernmental organisations. He has designed, coordinated and delivered disaster management projects in across the globe and regularly provides disaster management training for international governments and organisations. Richard is Director of Bournemouth University Disaster Management… Read more »

Professor Jan Wiener

Professor in Psychology

Areas of expertise

Jan is a cognitive psychologist whose research focuses primarily on orientation and navigation behaviour. He is interested in the effects that cognitive ageing has on our wayfinding abilities. In his investigations he makes use of different methods such as behavioural navigation experiments, virtual reality techniques, eye-tracking, and cognitive modelling.

Professor Kate Welham

Professor of Archaeological Sciences

Areas of expertise

Kate’s primary research focus is the application of remote sensing techniques in an archaeological context and she is also an experienced archaeological surveyor. Kate has directed a number of recent archaeological surveys on both prehistoric and historic landscapes in the UK and abroad, including Stonehenge, Easter Island (Rapa Nui) and Tanzania. She has also launched… Read more »