Academics with expertise in Marketing

Hanaa Osman

Dr Hanaa Osman

Principal Academic in Tourism & Hospitality

Areas of expertise

Hanaa’s research interests are in the areas of hospitality, culture, gender and travel experiences. She is currently working on research around females travelling to Islamic destinations and has explored the experiences of ethnic migrant workers in the UK hospitality industry. Hanaa also supervises a number of PhD studies in the areas of emotional labour of… Read more »

Chris Chapleo

Dr Chris Chapleo

Associate Professor, Marketing & Branding

Areas of expertise

Chris’ research interests are in marketing and branding in the non-profit sector, particularly education. He has published and spoken widely on aspects of higher education branding and is involved in ongoing consultancy projects in the sector. He is currently researching brand orientation in the non-profit sector. Prior to academia, he held senior marketing roles in… Read more »

Jeff Bray

Dr Jeff Bray

Associate Professor in Consumer Behaviour

Areas of expertise

Jeff’s passion and research area is retailing and consumer marketing. He is currently researching ethical considerations in consumer purchasing decisions. He also has an interest in the internationalisation of retailing, and general retail issues. His research has featured in numerous journals including the Journal of Business Ethics and Journal of Tourism Research and his work… Read more »