Dr Keith Parry

Dr Keith D. Parry

Deputy Head of Department in Department of Sport and Event Management

Areas of expertise

Keith’s research is focussed around sport and identity, health, and the spectator experience. He has examined issues around topics such as racism, national identity, masculinity, and the conflicts between country and culture. This research has provided him with a deep insight into both the sociology of sport and cultural identity more broadly, particularly through his… Read more »

Dr Daniel Lock

Principal Academic in Sport Management

Areas of expertise

Daniel’s primary research interests focus on social perception and identity dynamics as they apply to sport consumption and participation. Specifically, his research addresses: (1) The influence of group membership on consumer and participant behaviour. In particularly, he investigates how organisations can cultivate identities to enhance consumer and participant retention and experiences. (2) Social perceptions of organisational… Read more »

Professor Michael Silk

Professor and Deputy Dean of Research & Professional Practice

Areas of expertise

Michael’s research focuses on the relationships between sport & physical activity (physical culture), the governance of bodies, mediated (sporting) spectacles, identities and urban spaces. His current research addresses the relationship between sport mega-events, urban renewal, and social inequalities. His work aims to push at the ontological, epistemological, methodological, and pedagogic boundaries of the critical, social… Read more »

Dr Jayne Caudwell

Associate Professor in Social Sciences, Gender and Sexualities

Areas of expertise

Jayne’s teaching and research interests are concerned with leisure and sport cultures, feminist theories, theories of sexualities and qualitative research methodologies. She joined Bournemouth University in 2015 as Associate Professor & Head of Research in the Department of Events & Leisure. She is Head of the research Centre for Events, Leisure, Society and Culture (CELSC)…. Read more »

Dr Adi Adams

Senior Lecturer in Sport

Areas of expertise

Dr Adi Adams is a Senior Lecturer in Sport and Physical Activity. In 2015, he completed his PhD in Sociology at the University of Bath. He has also achieved a Masters in Research (Sociology) and a BA in Coach Education & Sports Development. Adi is a qualified association football coach with ten years experience working… Read more »

Richard Shipway

Dr Richard Shipway

Associate Professor in Sport Event Management

Areas of expertise

Richard’s research covers impacts and legacies of international sport events like the Olympics; crisis and emergency management at sports events; volunteering at mega sports events, and sport ethnography. He has researched themes connected with the 2012 Olympic Games, ranging from resident perception studies to Olympic tourism, and is currently working on an International Olympic Committee… Read more »

Joanne Mayoh

Dr Joanne Mayoh

Senior Lecturer in Sport, Physical Activity & Health

Areas of expertise

Joanne is predominantly interested in promoting the inclusion of marginalised groups within sport and physical activity contexts. Her recent work has focused on gender and women’s sporting experiences and she is also currently conducting research on physical activity during pregnancy. Joanne has written several pieces and blog posts about her work, including for The Conversation.

Emma Kavanagh

Dr Emma Kavanagh

Senior Lecturer in Sports Psychology & Coaching Sciences

Areas of expertise

Emma is a performance psychologist and sport and exercise scientist, working with athletes at a national and international level. Her research interests lie within psychology and sociology, with current projects examining the impact of dehumanisation on athlete wellbeing; human rights in elite sport; and virtual and face-to-face maltreatment in high-performance environments. She is also part… Read more »

Dr Ian Jones

Dr Ian Jones

Associate Professor and Head of Department of Sport & Physical Activity

Areas of expertise

Ian’s interests lie firstly in the area of sport behaviour – particularly with reference to the behaviours, attitudes and beliefs of sports fans and spectators – and secondly in sporting identities, and the way in which sport can provide positive identities. He has also written a number of successful textbooks in sport. Ian has appeared… Read more »

Shelley Broomfield

Dr Shelley Ellis

Senior Lecturer in Performance Analysis

Areas of expertise

Shelley’s primary research interest is within the development and use of equipment within sport – combining body composition and ergonomics with sporting performance. This is currently being applied within a project that addresses the design of white water kayaks for female athletes. Shelley has also published in her main area of teaching, which is in… Read more »