Professor Siamak Noroozi

Professor of Advanced Technology

Areas of expertise

Siamak’s current research is focused around the following three themes; medical engineering, mechanical engineering and creative design. Within medical engineering his focus is on prosthetics and joint implants, and his other work includes the design and development of hydraulic valves, ergonomic design of work spaces and developing low-cost manufacturing tools for creating prosthetics. Siamak has… Read more »

Professor Zulfiqar A. Khan

Professor of Design, Engineering & Computing

Areas of expertise

Zulfiqar is a mechanical engineer whose research interests focus on multidisciplinary approaches to provide sustainable design solutions for complex interacting systems and machine including developing novel nano-coatings for tribology applications, corrosion condition monitoring techniques, efficient modelling and numerical simulation methods. He has expertise in nano-fluids and thermodynamics for renewable energy applications, particularly in nano enhanced thermofluids and… Read more »