History, Politics & Social Studies

Dr Jane Healy

Dr Jane Healy

Deputy Head of Department of Social Sciences and Social Work

Areas of expertise

Jane is working with Dorset Police on stop and search practices around county lines, and a collaborative, participant-led project in Kosovo on a Museum of Education. Prior to this, she was co-investigator on the Respect at BU Hate Crime Project, which created forum theatre events for undergraduate and postgraduate students in hate crime awareness. With… Read more »

Kate Murphy

Dr Kate Murphy

Principal Academic in History

Areas of expertise

Kate joined Bournemouth University in 2012 after a 24-year career with the BBC, predominantly as a producer on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour. Her research interests include social history, notions of equality and women in radio. Her book Behind the Wireless: A History of Early Women at the BBC was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2016. In… Read more »

David McQueen

Dr David McQueen

Lecturer in Advertising & Media

Areas of expertise

David’s research interests include broad questions of media, power and politics; PR and lobbying; conflict and terrorism coverage; and television and film history. He has written and given talks on various topics such as East Germany in the 1980s, the origins of the UK political parties, UK general elections, the student vote, and First World War commemoration… Read more »

Darren Lilleker

Professor Darren Lilleker

Professor in Political Communication

Areas of expertise

Described by one BBC journalist as ‘a man who watches Westminster’, Darren is particularly interested in political party and candidate communication, and the link to citizen and voter engagement. In addition, Darren is Convenor of the Politics and Media Research Group within the Faculty of Media & Communication at Bournemouth University. He has appeared on ITV News… Read more »

Hugh Chignell

Professor Hugh Chignell

Emeritus Professor of Media History

Areas of expertise

Hugh is a broadcasting historian with a particular interest in the history of radio talks, news and current affairs as well as the history of radio drama. As Director of the Centre for Broadcasting History he is working to develop the university’s media archives and also UK national radio archives; in the latter case by working closely… Read more »

Professor Kate Welham

Professor of Archaeological Sciences

Areas of expertise

Kate’s primary research focus is the application of remote sensing techniques in an archaeological context and she is also an experienced archaeological surveyor. Kate has directed a number of recent archaeological surveys on both prehistoric and historic landscapes in the UK and abroad, including Stonehenge, Easter Island (Rapa Nui) and Tanzania. She has also launched… Read more »

Professor John Stewart

Professor in Evolutionary Palaeoecology

Areas of expertise

John is an environmental paleoecologist and studies environmental change and the effects of climate and ecological change on the evolution of organisms, including humans. He has broad research interests in understanding the nature, timing and location of ice age species’ distributions and works with ancient DNA scientists looking at how organisms respond to past climate… Read more »

Dr Martin J Smith

Principal Academic in Forensic and Biological Anthropology

Areas of expertise

Martin is a biological anthropologist whose focus is prehistoric populations. His past work has covered a range of periods, particularly the Neolithic. His interests centre principally on areas of taphonomy and trauma with relevance to both forensic and archaeological remains which reflects his study of conflict, from prehistoric to modern times. His main focus of… Read more »