Sarah Hodge

Dr Sarah Hodge

Lecturer in Psychology and Cyberpsychology

Areas of expertise

Sarah’s research and expertise are in Cyberpsychology and include understanding the psychological and moral factors with video gaming, from a developmental psychology and design approach. She is particularly interested in researching these factors with young people and children, and to support promoting digital well-being. Sarah is also interested in the overlaps that gaming has with… Read more »

Rachel Moseley

Dr Rachel Moseley

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Areas of expertise

Rachel’s research interests centre on autism spectrum conditions (ASC). She examines issues of central concern to autistic people, including mental health, suicidality, self-injury, ageing and late-diagnosis. Rachel also investigates aspects of cognition and sex differences between autistic men and women. Previously, she has used neurometabolic (MRI, DTI) and electrophysiological (EEG, MEG) methods to investigate language,… Read more »

Shanti Shanker

Dr Shanti Shanker

Lecturer in Psychology

Areas of expertise

Shanti’s research is focused on motivated forgetting and memory, encompassing aspects of learning and cognitive control. Her research interest spans across people living with neurological impairments due to stroke, brain injury and dementia, as well as the general population. Shanti is interested in applying cognitive findings to the rehabilitation of people living with cognitive impairments…. Read more »

Professor Katherine Appleton

Professor Katherine Appleton

Professor in Psychology

Areas of expertise

Katherine’s research interests straddle the fields of nutrition and behaviour, with a focus on understanding and encouraging healthy eating in the general population. Her work lies in three main areas: the mechanisms underlying healthy eating behaviour  – the determinants and motivations for healthy eating interventions to encourage population-wide healthy eating behaviour. Katherine’s interventions largely focus… Read more »

John McAlaney

Dr John McAlaney

Associate Professor in Psychology

Areas of expertise

John’s research focuses on social psychological aspects of behaviour change, and how this is informed by group dynamics and perceptions of peer behaviour. He has been extensively involved in the development of the social norms approach in the UK, which aims to bring about positive change through challenging misconceptions and negative stereotypes. John is particularly… Read more »