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Escape Rooms – Drop-in Session in FG04


Are you interested in creating a virtual escape room in your Brightspace unit? By bringing the theory of gamification and introducing an element of competition or reward into tasks or activities, escape room exercises can be developed within Brightspace using a combination of the available tools and other external resources, which can be physical or… Read more » about Escape Rooms – Drop-in Session in FG04

Virtual Escape Rooms using Brightspace


Most of you are probably familiar with the concept of escape rooms which has been growing in popularity over the last few years, where individuals or small groups are physically put into a room and they must solve a series of puzzles and tasks to unlock the door and escape, usually against a time limit… Read more » about Virtual Escape Rooms using Brightspace

Brightspace Help and the Pulse app

Brightspace logo

Did you know that Brightspace has links off to ‘Help’ resources from any page on Brightspace? Clicking on Help in the navbar reveals a drop-down menu: Brightspace help is for students but is available to everyone Brightspace Staff Resources is only available to staff Mobile access is available to everyone.   Brightspace Help With the… Read more » about Brightspace Help and the Pulse app

Turnitin Similarity Report Checklist

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When enabled on Brightspace, Turnitin will generate a Similarity Report on assignment submissions. This Similarity Report is the result of a comparison between the text of the submission and the Turnitin database of billions of pages of active and archived internet information, a repository of works previously submitted to Turnitin, and a repository of tens… Read more » about Turnitin Similarity Report Checklist

Top Ten Learning Myths

Over the years there have been many theories about how we learn and therefore can improve the effectiveness of our teaching. However, there are many educational theories that are just that, theories, that frequently have little or no supporting evidence yet have gained popularity and become almost enshrined into educational folklore as unassailable ‘fact’. This… Read more » about Top Ten Learning Myths

Getting Creative with Release Conditions in Brightspace

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In Brightspace,  Release Conditions can be used to trigger an event when a pre-set condition, or conditions, have been met. For example, an announcement could be released conditionally to students achieving a certain score in a formative quiz, offering generic feedback/feedforward suggestions to students within specified grade ranges. Release conditions are very flexible and can… Read more » about Getting Creative with Release Conditions in Brightspace

Mindscape Commons virtual reality (VR) resource for teaching mental health

Mindscape Commons virtual reality and interactive video content for supporting mental health teaching is now available to HE institutions via a Jisc agreement. The resources allows future counsellors, social workers, and psychologists to explore a variety of mental health experiences and to help students build empathy and develop critical clinical skills in a safe and… Read more » about Mindscape Commons virtual reality (VR) resource for teaching mental health

Playful Higher Education (Free Download)

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The Playful University Platform (PUP) was launched on the backdrop of the first Playful University Conference at Aarhus University in Forskningsford Denmark in 2019. The community has recently published a book called Playful Higher Education: Voices, Activities & Co-creations from the PUP Community. This book is ‘for people and from people with a passion for… Read more » about Playful Higher Education (Free Download)

Faculty Specific FLIE Sessions – January 2022

FLIE will be running two sessions in January specifically for academic staff in FMC, in response to Faculty requests. You can find details of the two sessions below with links to book yourself on via our Eventbrite page. Project and Dissertation Supervision workshop Monday 17 January 13:00-14:30 FMC benefits from a rich level of expertise… Read more » about Faculty Specific FLIE Sessions – January 2022

Emerging Technologies in Educational Practice

Person using VR Set

Learning Technologists from the Centre for Fusion Learning Innovation and Excellence (FLIE) were recently invited to deliver a teaching seminar to BA Marketing and Communication students to demonstrate their experience with emerging technologies. This seminar consisted of an introductory presentation by Dave Hunt covering various technologies including augmented reality, virtual reality, the application of 360°… Read more » about Emerging Technologies in Educational Practice