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Service Excellence in TEL: What are you excited about?

As part of the Service Excellence conference December 2018, the Innovation and Technology team would like to know what new or emerging technologies you are excited about using for teaching, learning and student engagement. Please put your suggestions and ideas in the comments section below.

A literature synthesis of personalised technology-enhanced learning: what works and why

A literature synthesis of personalised technology-enhanced learning: what works and why Elizabeth FitzGerald, Ann Jones, Natalia Kucirkova, Eileen Scanlon Abstract Personalised learning, having seen both surges and declines in popularity over the past few decades, is once again enjoying a resurgence. Examples include digital resources tailored to a particular learner’s needs, or individual feedback on… Read more »

Press release – Technology enhanced learning trends emerge in UCISA report

The ninth UCISA Survey of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) for higher education offers a longitudinal perspective of TEL developments over a 17-year period within UK institutions. The Report focuses on the current provision within universities and other higher education providers, and the emerging and planned patterns of learning technology usage across the UK HE sector. Dr Richard Walker,… Read more »

Brightspace Group Assignments and Collaboration.

Student group

Does you unit call for group work? If so, you probably know that you can create groups to help with student management. But did you know that in Brightspace, groups can be used for much more.   Group Assignments. Now Brightspace (large file) and Turnitin assignments can be set up for group submissions. Any member… Read more »

Brightspace Top Tips

Here are some top tips  to use when creating Modules and topics in Brightspace that could help with improving student engagement. Navigation: Brightspace has Modules, Sub-modules and Sub-sub-Modules and so on, think of this as pages folders and folders within folders. Remember the three click rule and keep it simple. Naming Conventions: Clear labeling is… Read more »

Interesting Articles: VR uses, the human connection and 30 Must-Read Higher Education IT Blogs

Here is a collection of interesting articles picked up this week.   The 2018 Dean’s List: EdTech’s 30 Must-Read Higher Education IT Blogs Whether they are administrators or IT gurus, these bloggers know the ins and outs of how technology is reshaping education. Click here for the full article.   Fostering Human Connection for Meaningful… Read more »

Four Interesting AR/VR and Video Blog Articles

Here are some interesting blog articles I have read this week. The Multiple Uses of Augmented Reality in Education Technology has made its way to the classroom, increasing the engaging and interactive elements that many students are benefitting from. Students today are already familiar with various technologies, which is why computerized tools and apps make… Read more »