Getting Creative with Release Conditions in Brightspace

In Brightspace,  Release Conditions can be used to trigger an event when a pre-set condition, or conditions, have been met. For example, an announcement could be released conditionally to students achieving a certain score in a formative quiz, offering generic feedback/feedforward suggestions to students within specified grade ranges.

Release conditions are very flexible and can be used against a wide range of criteria depending on the requirements of the unit. Here are just a few ideas of how release condition can be used to manage learning and increase engagement.


Used in conjunction with intelligent agents, release conditions can be used to monitor engagement, sending automated emails to students that have not accessed the unit recently or not viewed required content in advance of a workshop or seminar.

For more information on intelligent agents, click the following link.

Using Intelligent Agents


Using release conditions, announcements can be targeted to specific students that meet a defined criterion. For example, multiple announcements could be created and each restricted to a specific assignment grade range. Students would only receive the announcement relevant to their grade achievement. This allows a more focused feedforward delivery on how students might improve their understanding of the subject.

Self-guided learning

Release conditions can be used to sequentially release content. For example, document two is released after document one has been accessed, document three after document two has been accessed, and so on.

This allows students to progress through the material at their own pace while remaining on a structured learning pathway.


Setting release conditions via intelligent agents, emails can be automatically sent to students achieving a score within a certain grade range, containing generic suggestions or further resources on how they might improve their understanding of the subject.

For more information, click the following link.

Using the Quiz Tool

Awards and badges

Release conditions can be used to award badges or certificates on completion of a task, or sequence of tasks. For example, students achieving a set grade within a quiz can be awarded with a badge indicating their success and gaining multiple badges might release an achievement certificate.

For more information, click the following links.

Guidance for creating awards

Case Study: Media Skills Passport

Further help and guidance

For more information on using release conditions in Brightspace, click the following link or contact your Faculty Learning Technologist.

Release content and activities with Release Conditions

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