Case Studies: In BU

Innovative practices happening in BU where research is used to underpin the learning

Exploring and Evaluating Evidence Online Unit

This October saw the launch of the online Exploring and Evaluating Evidence (EEE) unit in FHSS.  Initial indications from the unit evaluations are that many students appreciated this approach to learning and the flexibility that it offered them. This was especially true for students who would otherwise have had to travel long distances to attend… Read more »

The ups and downs of using Panopto

One of the tools that the Learning Technologists and CEL have been promoting to academic staff is the recording tool, Panopto.  Panopto is the name of the software that enables BU staff to record video, audio and presentations that can then be viewed by others, normally students, but anyone to whom you grant access. You… Read more »

The development of a co-creational toolkit to explain psychological theories and their applications to real life problems.

Dr Erika Borkoles reports on a project supported by the CEL Fusion Investment Fund. The project’s aim was to develop a series of co-creational vodcasts to enhance students’ critical thinking skills when applying psychological theories to practice. The vodcasts were co-created with students, who advised staff on the content and format of the vodcasts. There were 5… Read more »

Peer Assisted Learning Script Development Workshops

Philip Mathews reports on a project titled Peer Assisted Learning Script Development Workshops. The project which was supported by the Centre for Excellence in Learning’s Fusion Investment Fund aimed to establish a course wide approach to critical reading, reflection and peer to peer learning and support through developmental scriptwriting workshops. This peer to peer development workshop was intended to promote collaboration, student development,… Read more »

Peer Facilitated Learning: An evaluation of the student and academic experience of participating in reciprocal sharing of knowledge

Dr Susan Way and her team recently completed a project supported by the CEL Fusion Investment Fund. The aim of the project was to evaluate the experience of Peer Facilitated Learning (PFL) delivered through group presentations and engagement in discussion by second year student midwives. Understanding from academics regarding the assessment process and assisting in the… Read more »

Co-creation report: ‘Share a Coke’

‘Share a Coke’: The influences of content marketing on brand loyalty, by Bao Ngo My final year research project “‘Share a Coke’: The influences of content marketing on Brand Loyalty” aims to enrich our knowledge of the roles of content marketing in shaping the brand image of companies to improve the customer loyalty. This research… Read more »

Co-creation report: Social media ‘on the go’

Social media ‘on the go’: An investigation into the generational gap a research project written by Harry Cutler-Smith, and co-authored with Dr Elvira Bolat. The project’s main aim was to explore the influence of mobile social media has on two different age groups, identify the differences and similarities and fill the gap within academic research…. Read more »

Co-creation report: 3rd Year Adult Student Nurses join the Adult Nursing Interview Panels

Third year adult nursing students were offered the opportunity to join the interview panels for the selection of candidates wishing to gain a place on the adult nursing programme at Bournemouth University. Ten volunteer students were recruited and attended a foundational training programme. Students committed to attending five interview sessions and joined an academic, a… Read more »

Widening opportunities for higher education through financial supports: what are the key determinants?

Bournemouth University’s Fair Access Agreement Management Group recently commissioned  a study to investigate the impact of BU administered financial supports/bursaries on student success, retention, well-being, as well as employability. The different bursary types investigated include Maintenance Bursary, Hardship Fund and Care Leavers Bursary. Institutional financial supports to students who may be from low income households or experiencing… Read more »

International students’ guide to assessment and feedback methods, procedures and practice

Dr Milena Bobeva and her team provide an update on a project titled “International students’ guide to assessment and feedback methods, procedures and practice”. The project which was supported by the CEL Fusion Investment Fund explores the experiences of international students with assessment and feedback procedures at Bournemouth University. The research team behind this project consists of students and… Read more »