Case Studies: In BU

Innovative practices happening in BU where research is used to underpin the learning

Co-creation report: Social media ‘on the go’

Social media ‘on the go’: An investigation into the generational gap a research project written by Harry Cutler-Smith, and co-authored with Dr Elvira Bolat. The project’s main aim was to explore the influence of mobile social media has on two different age groups, identify the differences and similarities and fill the gap within academic research…. Read more »

Co-creation report: 3rd Year Adult Student Nurses join the Adult Nursing Interview Panels

Third year adult nursing students were offered the opportunity to join the interview panels for the selection of candidates wishing to gain a place on the adult nursing programme at Bournemouth University. Ten volunteer students were recruited and attended a foundational training programme. Students committed to attending five interview sessions and joined an academic, a… Read more »

Widening opportunities for higher education through financial supports: what are the key determinants?

Bournemouth University’s Fair Access Agreement Management Group recently commissioned  a study to investigate the impact of BU administered financial supports/bursaries on student success, retention, well-being, as well as employability. The different bursary types investigated include Maintenance Bursary, Hardship Fund and Care Leavers Bursary. Institutional financial supports to students who may be from low income households or experiencing… Read more »

International students’ guide to assessment and feedback methods, procedures and practice

Dr Milena Bobeva and her team provide an update on a project titled “International students’ guide to assessment and feedback methods, procedures and practice”. The project which was supported by the CEL Fusion Investment Fund explores the experiences of international students with assessment and feedback procedures at Bournemouth University. The research team behind this project consists of students and… Read more »

Failing forward – Virtual Simulation Game

Dr Nasiru Taura, Dr Elvira Bolat & Joseph Reddie provide update on a project sponsored by the CEL Fusion Investment Fund for the academic year 2015/2016: “Our project responds to repeated calls from experts to create a simulated virtual business failure experience – for teaching entrepreneurship and related courses. We achieved this, through collaboration between the Faculties of… Read more »

Assessing Undergraduate Research Assistants’ Learning through Participatory Methods

This blog post reports on the progress of the CEL-Fusion Funded project Assessing Undergraduate Research Assistants’ Learning through Participatory Methods (AURAL). The Undergraduate Research Assistantship (URA) is an institutional programme run by BU’s Research and Knowledge Exchange Office (RKEO), which furnishes academics with the financial means to hire a part-time (spring cohort) or full-time (summer… Read more »

Importance and awareness of NSS improvement initiatives: A case study of final year undergraduate students

Prof. Ven Tauringana, Dr. Marcellus Mbah and Dr. Phyllis Alexander report on a project supported by the CEL Fusion Fund in the academic year 2015/2016. The project centred on a case study which investigated the importance and awareness of national student survey (NSS) improvement initiatives in one university department. The project was motivated by an observation that despite many initiatives that the… Read more »

Legal Skills development: the transformative mooting learning journey

Dr Max Lowenstein provides update on his project – “Legal Skills development: the transformative mooting learning journey“. This project, supported by the CEL Fusion Fund in the academic year 2015/15 has successfully developed 1st year law students as they prepared and delivered ‘advanced’ mooting skills via workshops and participated with non-law students across BU via show trials.  Mooting is… Read more »

Erasmus Staff Mobility Visit to Oslo- April 2016

Michael Knight and I recently visited Oslo University College of Applied Sciences to primarily experience peer learning and library academic skills in an established European University, building further relations with them and sharing best practice of our own Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) schemes. Additionally, is was an opportunity to help Oslo and Akershus University College… Read more »

Building cohort identity

Today’s CEL seminar was on the subject of cohort identity and was excellently presented by Geli Roushan and Susanne Clarke.  The fact that there was cake at the seminar in no way influenced this blogger’s view of the event! A ‘Cohort’ is an organisational group that can evolve at different levels eg a seminar group,… Read more »