Exploring and Evaluating Evidence Online Unit

This October saw the launch of the online Exploring and Evaluating Evidence (EEE) unit in FHSS.  Initial indications from the unit evaluations are that many students appreciated this approach to learning and the flexibility that it offered them. This was especially true for students who would otherwise have had to travel long distances to attend lectures.

The unit was divided into six components, each of which used a combination of Prezis, Xertes, videos, films linked to tasks for the students to complete.  Students liked the logical structure of the unit and the way it was divided into components with smaller bite sized tasks within each section. This, they noted, gave them the option to dip in and out, pause, reflect and pursue the things that they most wanted to learn about, thus making good use of their time.  There were also opportunities for students to share learning with one another and the unit team through blogs. Those who used this facility liked the interactivity it provided, and the opportunity to gain feedback from the unit team about their ideas.

From the unit team’s perspective, we enjoyed facilitating the unit, but it required considerable time to develop, maintain, and to achieve the interactivity that the students valued. One of the key things that made the unit successful was being able to work with the faculty’s Learning Technologists on developing the unit in a way that was interactive, varied, but also a coherent whole.

For further information please contact the EEE team – Dr Jaqui Hewitt-Taylor, Dr Angela Turner-Wilson, Dr Liz Norton, John Moran, Vince Clark.

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