Video feedback using Brightspace and Panopto

In this short 7 minute video, Suzy Atfield-Cutts in Computing demonstrates how to create Panopto video feedback with Brightspace submissions.  Recording with Panopto has the benefit of a longer time duration than using standard Brightspace video feedback and the main screen can also be captured allowing students to follow through the comments with their piece… Read more »

Key points from today’s Assessment Fiesta in HSS

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This afternoon, the Assessment Fiesta for the department of Human Sciences and Public within HSS took place.  Professor Debbie Holley opened the Fiesta and gave a short presentation on the wider context of education and the changing student demands over time, emphasising the role of assessment for education and inviting the attendees to make use of… Read more »

If I can do it then so can you

A post from Jenny Hall This week I was privileged to be selected to present at the triennial International Confederation of midwives Congress taking place in Toronto, Canada, as part of a symposium with a colleague from Scotland and another from Canada.  We were discussing Spirituality and childbirth (and able to mention our edited book… Read more »

Panopto support materials expanded

Tim Galling has been working on the help and support available to staff using the audio, video and presentation recording application, Panopto. The expanded guidance includes new notes on usage and screen shots of how Panopto looks while you are recording and when viewing the material. The information available about Panopto is now extensive and… Read more »

10 reasons why lectures do not work

An interesting list of reasons from The Guardian (15 May 2014) of the 10 reasons why face-to-face lectures just don’t work: 1. Babylonian hour We only have hours because of the Babylonian base-60 number system, which first appeared around 3100 BC. But it has nothing to do with the psychology of learning. 2. Passive observers… Read more »

The ups and downs of using Panopto

One of the tools that the Learning Technologists and CEL have been promoting to academic staff is the recording tool, Panopto.  Panopto is the name of the software that enables BU staff to record video, audio and presentations that can then be viewed by others, normally students, but anyone to whom you grant access. You… Read more »

Panopto video service upgrade – 25/06/16 8:00pm to 11:00pm

On Saturday June 25, the Panopto video service will be offline from 8:00pm to 11:00pm GMT whilst it is upgraded. The upgrade will remove reliance on the Silverlight browser plug in. This means that Panopto recordings can be edited online in any browser (rather than just Firefox). During the upgrade you will not be able… Read more »

What content can be added to myBU?

To support the use of myBU, Library and Learning Support have created an excellent page in the TEL Toolkit which explains the structure of a standard unit and provides links and PDFs of supporting material. Click here to access the page. The use of lecture capture will be an important element of our teaching practice in… Read more »

Panopto end user licence changes

For those staff who already use Panopto and for those who plan to use it in the future, we would like to make you aware of a change that is effective from today. When you open Panopto and start to make a recording, you will be asked to agree to a new end user licence… Read more »