Volume 10(2) of the Journal of Information Literacy is now available at jil.lboro.ac.uk

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Dear Colleagues,

I’m delighted to announce that volume 10(2) of the Journal of Information Literacy is now available at jil.lboro.ac.uk. Please find the table of contents below: a selection box of information literacy goodies for your festive enjoyment!


With every good wish,




School libraries, political information and information literacy provision: findings from a Scottish study  Lauren Nicol Smith


Health literacy: a cross-disciplinary study in American undergraduate college students Rachel Joseph, Samantha Fernandes, Lauri Hyers, Kerri O’Brien


Flipping the classroom in Business and Education one-shots: a research study Madeline E. Cohen, Jennifer Poggiali, Alison Lehner-Quam, Robin Wright, Rebecca K. West


An assessment of library instruction: its influence on search behaviour of first and third-year students Torunn Skofsrud Boger, Hanne Dybvik, Anne-Lise Eng, Else Helene Norheim


Rethinking the concept of ‘Information Literacy’: a German perspective Rares Piloiu


Conference corner


CILIP Conference 2016: We’re all in this together Lisa Hutchins


ECIL 2016: Information literacy in the inclusive society Kirsten McCormick




McNicol, S. 2016. Critical literacy for information professionals. Claire Elizabeth Sewell


Downey, A. 2016. Critical information literacy: Foundations, inspiration, and ideas. Cindy Gruwell


Gilton, Donna L. 2016. Creating and promoting lifelong learning in public libraries: tools and tips for practitioners. Ann Hindson


Allan, B. Emerging strategies for supporting student learning. A practical guide for librarians and educators. Marta Cassaro


Secker, J. and Morrison, C. (eds). (2016). Copyright and E-learning: a guide for practitioners. 2nd ed. Andrew Eynon



Dr. Emma Coonan
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Information Literacy

“Learning is a subversive act, and so must teaching be … If learners are to move from what-we-know into what we do not yet know—from recall to emergence—or more importantly, from oppressed to liberated — then teaching must also deal in what we do not yet know. It must deal in the stuff of real struggle.” (Sean Michael Morris)

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