Peer Assisted Learning Script Development Workshops

Philip Mathews reports on a project titled Peer Assisted Learning Script Development Workshops. The project which was supported by the Centre for Excellence in Learning’s Fusion Investment Fund aimed to establish a course wide approach to critical reading, reflection and peer to peer learning and support through developmental scriptwriting workshops.

This peer to peer development workshop was intended to promote collaboration, student development, professional practice models and delivered a two way exchange of knowledge which enhances Fusion to create an inclusive learning community where co-creation and co-production of knowledge is at the core.

By mirroring professionally recognised script development models, highly employable graduates known for their critical thinking, professionalism and resilience could be developed.

This peer to peer inclusive approach to development feedback and building confidence in public speaking organisation and professional expectation equipped students with the skills to promote themselves and their script knowledge.

This initiative nurtured a culture where our students are treated as early career professionals.  The ambition was for students to develop confidence, resilience and tenacity in pursuing their career goals. Scriptwriting students often struggle to articulate their thoughts in public with confidence and this approach to development was supportive, sensitive to individuals and a safe environment where they could offer support, skills and expert knowledge in a educationally sound and supportive way.

The workshops offered a more focused developmental process for Scriptwriting students who have requested more feedback and contact time from tutors without seeing the or acknowledging the benefit of peer to peer feedback.

This is in support and supplemental to the tutor led developmental process and gives students the formally supported opportunity to offer constructive criticism on peer to peer work in a formalised and safe environment.  It also further promotes Peer Assisted Learning which BU students are familiar with and more importantly value.


The value of this peer to peer model will be clear to students once they engage with it. This model is used and universally engaged with at other institutions and introducing it at BU can be beneficial to students.  If you want more information about the project, please contact Philip Mathews.








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