Co-creation report: ‘Share a Coke’

‘Share a Coke’: The influences of content marketing on brand loyalty, by Bao Ngo


Photo credit: Author.

My final year research project “‘Share a Coke’: The influences of content marketing on Brand Loyalty” aims to enrich our knowledge of the roles of content marketing in shaping the brand image of companies to improve the customer loyalty. This research project, in collaboration with Dr Thanh Huynh, consisted of an empirical study about the success of Coca Cola’s content marketing campaign entitled ‘Share a Coke’.

This co-creation project has significantly changed my points of view in academic research. I have learnt how to generate ideas from previous studies, construct them in a logical structure, collect and analyse data effectively. I believe that all these benefits will make me well prepared for my future career, especially as I have decided to study a masters degree after graduating from Bournemouth University.


Photo credit: Author.

The co-creation award by the Centre for Excellence in Learning allowed me to successfully complete the research project and obtain other significant achievements. I had the opportunity to present my research results at the British Conference of Undergraduate Research (BCUR 2016) in Manchester. I have met, discussed and shared my knowledge with many outstanding students from other Universities across the United Kingdom. This unforgettable experience improved my presentation and communication skills and helped build up my self-confidence. I also had the opportunity to present this research project to other researchers during the Festival of Learning at Bournemouth University. The co-creation project has also helped to enhance my academic performance, as I have achieved a high distinction final mark that significantly contributed to the First award I got for my Bachelor degree. I am glad that my research was nominated for Carol Burn and Segrue prizes, and we are working on a paper to submit to ECONTENT, an international journal in content marketing.

Featured image credit: Mike Mozart (CC BY 2.0).

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