CEL: Exploring My Academic Career Profile in the Thinking Environment

Wednesday 30th May 13:00 – 14:30 at Talbot Campus

The workshops will provide a space for those who attend to explore their route through their academic career pathway and reflect on that route whilst also considering the path they will take in the future.
The workshop will provide a basic overview of the Thinking Environment and its 10 components whilst demonstrating its application to our working lives in education

The aims of the session are:-

  • To discover fresh thinking about what brought me to to where I am in my academic career.
  • To discover fresh thinking in to my future academic career plans.
  •  To use the thinking environment to see how it can transform our thinking.

You need to:-

  • Come willing to think for your self and participate.


To book a place please email Organisational Development on od@bournemouth.ac.uk

Hosted by Michael Knight

Email mjknight@bournemouth.ac.uk



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