Assessment and Feedback

Providing meaningful feedback for students

Assessment and Feedback toolkit

Students at BU, when asked recently, have voiced their wishes for clearer expectations about assignments and for clearer feedback. One of the tools that can be used to enhance feedback is the BU Generic Assessment Criteria, revised in 2021. This recent version places more emphasis on skills such as team-working, group work/project work, self-management of… Read more »

Assessment for Learning: Education Excellence workshop

Assessment and Feedback toolkit

FLIE’s Principal Lecturer Anne Quinney delivered an Education Excellence workshop on Assessment for Learning. The workshop focussed on the 6 dimensions of Sambell’s model (below) and provided opportunities to discover how to use these in unit design and in designing assessment. Sambell’s model underpins the BU Assessment Design policy (6c) and the BU Generic Assessment… Read more »

Brass bands and ballrooms: what can we learn about assessment and feedback from Strictly Come Dancing?

A very long time ago, in the early 1970s, I competed at national level, even dancing in the finals at the iconic Blackpool Tower ballroom, and can share some insights from my ‘lived experience’ of dance competitions. There happened to be a ballroom dancing school in the village I grew up in, famous for its… Read more »

Compendium of Innovative Practice

Assessment and Feedback toolkit

This month the open access Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education published a special edition, the Compendium of innovative practice; learning development in a time of disruption. (Issue number 22). This timely peer-reviewed special issue contains 102 short pieces organised into 11 thematic sections that explore the challenges posed by the pandemic and the… Read more »

New assessment report from the Office for Students

Assessment and Feedback toolkit

A publication this month from the Office for Students (OfS) reports on assessment practices in relation to spelling, punctuation and grammar. This was partly informed by reports from employers that graduates were not meeting their expectations of proficiency in literacy skills. According to the report (paragraph 7b),  “Accurate and effective spelling, punctuation and grammar… Read more »

The EAT project; equity, agency and transparency in assessment.

Assessment and Feedback toolkit

The EAT framework, developed by Professor Carol Evans and originally published in 2016, has been re-imagined as part of a European Erasmus +project. EAT is a model designed for staff and students to think about features of effective assessment practice and the interrelated nature of them. There are three core dimensions to the model Assessment… Read more »

Making the new Generic Assessment Criteria available to students.

Assessment and Feedback toolkit

The revised version of the Generic Assessment Criteria (ARPP 6f) was approved at Senate in June for implementation in the academic year 2021-22. When you populate your new units in Brightspace you will find a place in the Assessment section where the appropriate level of the criteria, from Level 0/3 to Level 7,  can be… Read more »

Thinking about setting exams? What does the policy say?

Assessment and Feedback toolkit

Planning for the next academic year will include deciding on the types of assessments you will set in the units you are responsible for. Whilst many adjustments were made as a result of the impact on teaching and learning of the pandemic there are some constraints on the types of assessments that can be set…. Read more »

Updated Generic Assessment Criteria approved

Assessment and Feedback toolkit

An updated version of the Generic Assessment Criteria (GAC) has been approved by Senate, effective from the start of the next academic year (2021-2). This was an opportunity to refresh the Generic Assessment Criteria (ARPP 6f ), 5 years since it was last extensively updated,  in order to more closely align with recent Quality Assurance… Read more »

Report on the 2nd Masterclass with Dai Hounsell and Anne Quinney

Assessment and Feedback toolkit

This month’s Assessment & Feedback Masterclass, the second in a series of three, looked at some principles and strategies for effective feedback. Dai Hounsell, Visiting Professor, and Anne Quinney from FLIE, discussed themes raised by the participants  – including flipping feedback; helping students to recognise the range of feedback opportunities (assessment literacy); and two-stage exams…. Read more »