Compendium of Innovative Practice

This month the open access Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education published a special edition, the Compendium of innovative practice; learning development in a time of disruption. (Issue number 22).

This timely peer-reviewed special issue contains 102 short pieces organised into 11 thematic sections that explore the challenges posed by the pandemic and the responses developed by a wide range of education practitioners in higher education settings. As you might imagine, there is a great deal of material on facilitating learning using virtual spaces, on moving hands-on learning online, on facilitating connections and communities of learning, on supporting wellbeing, on the redesign of curricula and assessment, and on supporting staff.

One of the contributions was written by colleagues from HSS and FLIE and reflects on support developed for staff in the Department of Nursing Sciences. Debbie Holley, Anne Quinney and John Moran briefly share how the partnership between the department and FLIE provided live ‘teachinars’ supported by the Assessment & Feedback Toolkit resources to enable staff to develop new skills and make creative and authentic adjustments to their practice.

Many of the adjustments made during the pandemic have enabled technology-enhanced learning practices and revised assessment and feedback strategies to become embedded in programme delivery across the HE sector.


Anne Quinney

Principal Lecturer, FLIE.

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