The EAT project; equity, agency and transparency in assessment.

The EAT framework, developed by Professor Carol Evans and originally published in 2016, has been re-imagined as part of a European Erasmus +project.

EAT is a model designed for staff and students to think about features of effective assessment practice and the interrelated nature of them.

There are three core dimensions to the model

  • Assessment design
  • Assessment literacy
  • Assessment feedback.

An underlying principle is for students to see themselves as active contributors to the assessment feedback process rather than seeing assessment as something that is done to them (EAT 2016).

The BU Assessment & Feedback Toolkit contains resources that address these dimensions, but an important feature of the EAT model is the opportunity for staff and students to co-create a clearer picture of design, literacy and feedback.

You can download resources that enable staff and students to consider their knowledge and performance about the three dimensions.


Anne Quinney

Academic Lead / Theme Leader for Assessment and Feedback.

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