Lively debate in the FLIE Generic Assessment Criteria Workshop

This week a FLIE Educational Enhancement workshop, led by Anne Quinney, focussed on using the generic assessment criteria. John Moran, Learning Technologist, contributed to the session and encouraged people to use the electronic rubric and to use the QuickMarks facility.

The session covered how to use the Generic Assessment Criteria; where they are located in Brightspace for ease of reference for staff and students; using the electronic rubric when marking in Turnitin; and how to contextualise the criteria for specific disciplines.

There was engaged, constructive and lively debate about the principles of assessment for learning; marking practices; time allocated for marking; using video or audio feedback; developing programme or discipline specific QuickMarks, and balancing generic feedback statements with individualised assignment-specific feedback. The participants expressed a wish for further opportunities to continue the conversation and in response Anne will lead another workshop on Assessment for Learning in May, and on Using the Generic Assessment Criteria in June. These will be advertised nearer the time.

The link to the recording of Anne’s input in the first part of the session is here…..The discussion part was not recorded, to facilitate free and open debate.

I look forward to more discussions about assessment for learning and about using the generic assessment criteria.

You can view or review the debate on FLIEflix.

Anne Quinney

Principal Lecturer, FLIE

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