Thinking about setting exams? What does the policy say?

Planning for the next academic year will include deciding on the types of assessments you will set in the units you are responsible for.

Whilst many adjustments were made as a result of the impact on teaching and learning of the pandemic there are some constraints on the types of assessments that can be set. This is set out in the Principles of Assessment Design Policy (6c).

The important section is 4.5 which states that

“BU defines exams as time-limited assessments, which can take a variety of forms (e.g. traditional handwritten exams, timed essays, oral exams/vivas, computer-assisted exams, two-stage exams, open-book exams). BU promotes alternatives to traditional handwritten exams, by expecting a wider range of time- limited assessment tasks and retaining traditional hand-written exams only where there is a PSRB requirement or other context-driven requirement.”


There is a section on moving exams online  in the Assessment & Feedback Toolkit.

The Assessment & Feedback Toolkit also includes a section on 50 ways to assess, if you are looking for alternative assessment ideas.


Anne Quinney

Principal Lecturer, FLIE.


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