LEAPing into Midwifery

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Today we held a LEAP session for the Midwifery team comprising 16 members of staff.  The session was well-timed because the team is preparing new units so we were able to map out the ‘to be’ unit structure, content and assessment.  It was so useful to have all the team in one room because there… Read more »

What can we do to combat the essay mills?

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There was a very interesting article on the Today programme on Radio 4 this morning.  The topic was the BBC investigation on the Ukranian company, Edubirdie, that writes essays for students. The BBC reported yesterday how EduBirdie was paying YouTube stars to advertise their services, noted how YouTube stars are very strong influencers (more so… Read more »

13th June CELebrate2018: Teaching, Technology and the TEF (keynote speaker Sarah Knight from JISC)

  This year our CEL ‘CELebration’ events were Faculty based with a series of Faculty led Assessment and Feedback fiestas, conferences and laboratories. For CELebrate2018, the key theme that arose from working with staff across the University, was working with large groups. In this year’s CELebrate symposium, we are convening a range of different opportunities… Read more »

Book a LEAP session for your unit, team or department

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What is LEAP? LEAP is BU’s process for unit development.  It consists of a 2-3 hour workshop, typically undertaken with staff from the same department, during which visualisations of units are created.  Each visualisation shows how the learning activities are arranged in the unit, how they link to the ILOs, how many different learning types… Read more »

LEAP workshops on 9 March 2018

We held two LEAP sessions in BU today that were primarily attended by staff from Media Production and Sports and Physical Activity but included staff from FoM too. It was the first time that we had the opportunity to work with staff from the same level of a programme.  It was excellent to see the… Read more »

10 professors a-LEAPing

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Last week, we formally launched the new Learning Excellence Acceleration Programme (LEAP) with three workshops for staff on the Talbot campus.  LEAP is a process that generates a visual representation of the structure, learning types, activities and assessment on a unit.  Once complete, the visualisation can be used for unit development, reviewing the level of… Read more »

LEAPing into action

Today saw the launch of BU’s new curriculum design and visualisation tool, LEAP (the Learning Excellence Acceleration Programme) which was previewed in an earlier post. With a solid base in research from Jisc, UCL and Diana Laurillard, LEAP is a way of creating a visual representation of a unit.  The unit comprises 6 learning types… Read more »

The curriculum design process – LEAP

At the recent Association for Learning Technology (ALT) conference, I attended a workshop on curriculum design which I thought would work very well at BU. Arena Blended Connected (ABC) is described as “an effective and engaging hands-on workshop that has now been trialled with great success over a range of programmes. In just 90 minutes… Read more »