LEAP workshops on 9 March 2018

We held two LEAP sessions in BU today that were primarily attended by staff from Media Production and Sports and Physical Activity but included staff from FoM too.

It was the first time that we had the opportunity to work with staff from the same level of a programme.  It was excellent to see the units of the programme visualised using the LEAP process and to hear the discussions about how the units fit together, complement and build on each other.  The LEAP process proved to be a very good basis on which to discuss the structure, content and assessment of the unit.

The feedback from today’s sessions included the following comments.

  • Excellent process, really useful.  The space is ideal.  Will the assessment bank go online like a directory? [The answer to this question is yes.  We are planning an Assessment and Feedback Toolkit which will operate in a similar way to the TEL Toolkit].
  • Very good.  Great delivery from both.  Quick through each task which maintained interest.  Thank you for giving up your time.
  • Excellent way of visualising what the unit is good/bad at.  will use again,
  • BRILLIANT SESSION.  Made me really reflect how I assess (thinking outside the box).
  • Great exercises.  Great materials and visualisations.  Maybe ask participants to bring unit guides along to session [We will make sure we do this in future.  Thank you].
  • Superb!
  • Good way to visualise the whole unit and see repetition and variation -> very useful.
  • I was highly engaged and left the session feeling enthused.

Here are pictures from the sessions.

Shelley Thompson discussing the many assessment options available to staff.

5 units under construction.

Carly and Rebecca constructing their research methods unit.

A fully visualised unit in SPA.  This is the ideal end product of a LEAP workshop.  The worksheet on the left shows how the review of the learning types are to be modified in the future and the action plan on the right record aspects of the unit to be assessed after the workshop.

Sarah and Debbie working on their units.

The session provoked a great deal of debate which needed a whiteboard to review the assessment options on a unit.

Overall, two very useful and enjoyable sessions.  We are looking forward to the next session on Monday afternoon.

For more information on LEAP or to schedule a LEAP workshop for your department, please contact David Biggins in the first instance.

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