LEAPing into Midwifery

Today we held a LEAP session for the Midwifery team comprising 16 members of staff.  The session was well-timed because the team is preparing new units so we were able to map out the ‘to be’ unit structure, content and assessment.  It was so useful to have all the team in one room because there was lots of discussion about the content of different units and the linkages horizontally and vertically to create an overall programme that provides an excellent student experience.

It was a really positive, creative and energentic session.

Feedback from the session included these comments from staff:

– Helpful session to visualise new curriculum

– An excellent opportunity to consider how teaching and assessment is mapped across the new curriculum.  Also to consider how different learning types are included in a new unit.

– This was a helpful exercise.  I wonder if there is room for development in the student arena

– Thank you for a very enjoyable session.  This has been a valuable learning opportunity and ‘hands-on’ approach to mapping units, taught content and insights to student experience

– Excellent session.  Really good to go through the new unit and think about assessment methods.  Also different ways sessions are presented

– I though the session enabled much debate and dialogue and challenged us to consider a range of learning/assessment techniques

– Informality of the session has helped with creativity.  ‘Easy delivery style’.  Interesting and useful

– Excellent session.  Very useful for unit planning.  Very impressed with your herding of cats skills

– Great session as always.  Very supportive and very kind

– Useful to have the space, resources and time to all get together and create and share

– Excellent opportunity to collaborate with rest of the team.  See the BIG picture.


Here are some photos from the session.


If you would like to arrange a LEAP session for your programme or department, please contact David Biggins.

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