LEAP workshop with HSS – 7 February 2018

A LEAP workshop was held with 20 colleagues from HSS this afternoon.  It was the largest number of staff to be involved in a LEAP workshop since they began in December and the session went really well.  These are the comments left by staff:

– Exciting workshop. Useful to look at different approaches to learning. Need to review how these approaches are included across the programme.

– Great session. Love the visual element. Great idea to look at unit content. Great as team decisions.Great overview. Thank you.

– Excellent learning session. Great presentation and delivery which drew on individual knowledge and experiences. Very useful to have time to consider other styles and methods of delivery and assessment.

– Thank you!! A fantastic afternoon. Excellent use of resources to inspire us to be creative and develop material and assessment. Really great to have the materials to share with colleagues.

– Interesting especially in relation to assessment.

– Enjoyable session and very useful strategy to inform our new curriculum. Thank you.

– Excellent workshop. Initially thought what is this all about! Very clear concepts that can be mapped clearly throughout unit development and curriculum. Cards are brilliant. Thank you.

– Thank you for giving us the time to think about this in more depth and structure.

– Thinking about strategic overview of programme. Confirming of the 6 styles that are used in unit stimulates new thinking.

A new addition to the LEAP workshop today was a more detailed look at assessment and feedback with accords well with CEL year of assessment.  Theme Leader Shelley Thompson is working on 50 different assessment methods that staff can consider when defining the formative and summative assessments for their unit.  The different methods are categorised into 4 types of assessment: writing, talking, doing and making.  A review of semester 1 IMP data suggests a dominance for writing assessments at BU, especially essays and exams.  The new LEAP layer will describe and give examples of alternative methods of assessment that staff can evaluate for their units.  If any members of staff have developed high quality assessments, please contact Shelley who is collating examples of good practice.

  Shelley discussed the assessment types during the workshop

A short description of the assessment types

Today’s workshop generated many conversations about the design of new courses that a large proportion of HSS programmes will be undertaking in the coming year and the workshop was very timely.  As a result of today’s session, a number of follow-on presentations are planned for team and programme meetings.


The workshop was supported by Professors Debbie Holley and Liz Falconer from CEL

A picture of today’s attendees mapping out the learning types on their units

After the learning types have been defined, the cards are flipped over so that the method for achieving the learning is considered.  The 6 learning types have both conventional and TEL methods listed and also space for alternate methods to be added.

It was a very enjoyable session today as the feedback from staff above indicates.  We are continuing to work on the assessment and feedback layer of LEAP and will be taking this for review and further development to the LEAP workshops in FMC and FoM that are coming up shortly.

If you are interested in finding out more about LEAP, please contact David Biggins.

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