JISC – Horizons report – emerging technologies and the mental health challenge

This report is split into two sections. The first section focuses on summarising the major strategic challenges the sector is facing, analysing the current state of the most relevant emerging technologies and then mapping where the emerging technologies could help with the strategic challenges.

The second section consists of a horizon scan of mental health and wellbeing. In that section we attempt to predict how the challenge may develop in the near future and make a series of suggestions for actions that should be taken now and how we can begin to shape a more comprehensive response for the future.

In 2017 the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) reported that there had been a fivefold increase in the number of students who had disclosed a mental health condition to their college or university over the past decade. This is an issue that needs constant attention and coordinated effort across the education sector and government to make change.

Through our own collaboration under Horizons, we uncover new recommendations to improve the wellbeing of students and staff, including responsible sharing of relevant data which is crucial to understanding students’ behaviours and needs, and to addressing them.

Download Here

In addition to the report, we have created an infographic (pdf), which provides a visual guide to the emerging technologies most relevant now and those which might become relevant in the future.

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