A student led co-creation project report: Genetics for the public

Chelsea Ifunanya Nwasike reports on her co-creation project ‘Genetics for the public’ with Dr. Kevin McGhee as academic partner: Very early on during the creation of the project, On the 21st and 22nd of February, I filmed the workshop organised by Jehannine Austin, Kevin McGhee and team for genetic counsellors, willing to learn and expand their… Read more »

A report from a student led co-creation project: Splash Dance

Felix Marrington-Reeve reports on his co-creation project ‘Splash Dance’ with Quentin Corker-Marin and Dr. Reza Yousefzadeh as student and academic partners respectively: Aims ● To produce relatively high quality motion capture ● To add a sense of “human” presence to the piece through the camera, as if it had been “shot” by a production team ● To create… Read more »

A report from a student led co-creation project: Pond Simulator

Joshua Thomas-Houlker reports on his co-creation Pond Simulator project with Edina Morris and Will Malkin as student partners and Vicky Isley and Valery Adzhiev as academic partners: At the start of this project I conducted primary and secondary research. I went online and researched games similar to Water Edge and came across 3 different games that stood… Read more »

‘Voices From the Frontline of Homelessness’: An Investigation into The Big Issue’s Creation of Alternative Representations of Homelessness

On the 14th of February 2017, Bournemouth University’s Centre for Excellence in Learning (CEL) in collaboration with the Student Union (SUBU) presented award certificates and prizes to some outstanding undergraduate students of the university to undertake co-creation projects with academic partners. We are delighted to share with you reports from the award recipients, starting with Anni Eerik BA… Read more »

Professor Debbie Holley delivers Keynote to BU Careers and Teachers Conference

A keynote presentation to the BU Careers and Teachers conference #BUCATC This keynote suggests that with the move to models of school based teacher training, that trainee teachers and NQTs find their  Continuous Professional Development needs are not being met, and indeed, can be unsuitable to their needs.  I suggest that harnessing their desire co-create… Read more »

Student centred approach to developing a Psychology Literacy Toolkit

By Dr Sarah Muir We have been continuing with our student-centred approach to develop a novel intervention to improve psychological literacy/employability for Psychology Undergraduate students. Our student RAs have conducted a questionnaire study with students from Levels 4-6 (n=42). Less than half of participants (43%) reported being able to define psychological literacy. Participants recognised the… Read more »

Two law school graduates co-produced and co-created a piece of work with a senior academic – “Deliberate concealment”

Tilak Ginige, a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Law at Bournemouth University’s Faculty of Science & Technology reports: It is with great pride that I want to announce that two Law School Graduates -Sophie Childs, Hannah Pateman and I, co-produced and co-created a piece of work. This work has been published in the prestigious International Journal of Law in the… Read more »

‘Students as researchers’ pedagogy at BU

In the higher education context, the ‘students as researchers’pedagogical approach supports “students in their engagement with undergraduate research within and/or beyond the formal curriculum with the aim of furthering their own knowledge and understanding, and in some cases contributing to, the broader knowledge base of their discipline” (Walkington, 2015: 5). At BU, research underpins our… Read more »

The co-creation of unit assessments based on the principles of ‘backward design’

By Richard Wallis & Ashley Woodfall (joint-PIs) CEL Innovation Awards, Project Update This CEL Innovation Award was originally predicated on the idea that our project would span two faculties working together. The most significant and exciting development to have occurred since work has begun, is its extension to three faculties. The Faculty of Media and… Read more »

Reminder: Call for bids for the student-led co-creation fund

The Centre for Excellence in Learning is currently receiving bids from final year undergraduate students for the student-led co-creation funding award. The co-creation scheme funds collaborative projects delivering co-created outputs between  a student and an academic. Anticipated project output (s) should be clearly stated in the bid and this could be a paper, presentation or product. Projects do not have to… Read more »