Unit Analytics and Intelligent Agents

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During November, FLIE will be running a series of workshops focusing on Unit Analytics and Intelligent Agents. In the workshops, we will demonstrate where you can find analytics reporting within your Brightspace units and some of the benefits of utilising these statistics to better understand student engagement with learning materials. We’ll also look at how… Read more »

Understanding Research Methods unit available in Brightspace

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As part of the varied elements of the Fusion Learning activity which are being progressed as one of the key deliverables of BU2025, we are pleased to announce the new Understanding Research Methods unit available through Brightspace. Why was the unit developed? The Understanding Research Methods unit has been developed as a result of feedback… Read more »

Restart a Heart Day at BU

Last week colleagues from FLIE took part in the #Restart a Heart Day. Which is part of an international campaign to raise awareness of cardiac arrest and teach people how to perform CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). The event took place last week in the main Talbot campus courtyard. It was open to the whole BU community and aimed at engaging… Read more »

Marking Excel and HTML files in Turnitin

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During the 20/21 academic year, we saw an increase in different file types being submitted to Turnitin, specifically Excel and HTML files. Although these file types are accepted by Turnitin, the marking experience isn’t always straightforward. When Turnitin states it can accept a certain file type, what this means is that it can process the… Read more »

BU Staff Employability Conference – 26 October 2021

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Have you registered for the BU Staff Employability conference yet? Universities are key to ensuring their graduates are equipped with the experiences, skills, and attributes to allow them to obtain employment in their chosen fields, and indeed, to adapt and change with the labour market in the future. The BU Staff Employability Conference 2021, part… Read more »

MUSE is on the way

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What is MUSE? The Mid-Unit Student Evaluation (MUSE) is a survey designed to encourage students to reflect on their progress to date and feed back on their learning experience, including views on any summative or formative feedback received during their current unit. This information enables tutors to incorporate any necessary enhancements moving forward, therefore adding… Read more »

TeachBU Update – Colleagues Achieving HEA Fellowship

I’m delighted to confirm that the following colleagues have recently achieved HEA Fellowship from Advance HE after applying through TeachBU: Associate Fellows: Marta Paglioni (FHSS) & Shayan Bahadori (FHSS) Fellows: Heather Tamminen (FST) & Tracey Webb (FLIE) Senior Fellow: Hyun-Joo Lim (FHSS) Congratulations!!! Dr Martyn Polkinghorne Chair of the TeachBU Assessment Panel for HEA Applications

Introduction to Brightspace for new starters

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As part of our Brightspace online training we’ve recently added a module for new starters. This module is aimed at new teaching staff to help them get familiar with navigating Brightspace and to understand some of the basics, including: where to go for help and support the different types of units the different content experiences… Read more »

Welcome to FLIEflix

What is FLIEflix? Most of us are now quite familiar with accessing boxsets on Netflix and other similar platforms. Taking this concept, we have created boxsets of some of the most popular support being offered by the Centre for Fusion Learning Innovation and Excellence (FLIE). These boxsets each have a theme, and the episodes within… Read more »

HE staff’s attitudes and expectations about their role in induction activities

Journal of Learning Development in HE

A new paper exploring HE staff’s attitudes and expectations about their role in induction activities has been published by Dr Camila Devis-Rozental and Susanne Clarke in the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education and is available via open access. The paper which sought the views of 58 participants, both academic and professional members of… Read more »