Podcast Assignment Types

Hello all,  hopefully you’ve enjoyed the bank holiday weekend!

Last week, I was asked to support Kat King on the delivery of a session on her Sport and Physical Culture 23/24 unit. The aim of the session was to give guidance on how students could for their assignment, record, edit and submit a podcast. The assignment was such that podcasts would consist of a main part of the recording which would need to be combined with one or two other parts, before submission.

The demonstration session covered:

  • How to use Zoom to record conversations (also how, as a secondary option, the use of recording software/device of the student’s choice can be facilitated).
  • How to use Panopto to then edit recordings, cutting out unwanted parts and stitching on an intro recording and a concluding part.
  • How to save and submit the finished version of the podcast to the Assignment box.

Clear, step by step guidance was developed and added to the unit’s Assessment area and Q and A was provided both to students in the lecture theatre as well as later that day, in Dorset house ground floor.   Later on, follow-up support via teams was also provided to Kat and her students. 

Students fed back that this was some of the best guidance they had had for an assignment of this type.  If you are thinking of doing such an assignment for your units, myself and the FLIE team are happy to help facilitate this and to answer any questions you may have!

Please feel free to get in contact with me regarding this, or any other requests for Learning Technology support you may have via this email address:  bubslearningtechnology@bournemouth.ac.uk



4 Responses to “Podcast Assignment Types”

  1. Jane's avatar Jane

    Thank you for this – I used podcasts for one assignment in Semester 1 and students recorded in Panopto and then uploaded their text and panopto link into the assignment box. It was a really enjoyable assignment for students and also for markers!

    • Robert Walter's avatar Robert Walter

      Hi Jane,
      Glad to hear you have used podcasts a go and got alot of enjoyment out of it. With the new Panopto submission process videos (or podcasts recorded in Panopto) are embedded by the students in the assignment box as opposed to being linked to. This further streamlines the marking process as they can be played from right within the submission area, where they can also upload a supporting file if needs be.

  2. Dr Mehwish Zia Mufti's avatar Dr Mehwish Zia Mufti

    This sounds great Rob! You have been supporting us for Mahara so well. This post have given us new ideas to embed in our teaching for next year now 😉

    Mehwish and Esther.


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