TeachBU Avatar Competition

TeachBU is thrilled to announce a competition open to all  aimed at naming and creating a new avatar for the TeachBU Advance HE Programme. This avatar will serve as the digital representation and guide for participants throughout their journey in the programme, symbolising innovation, learning, and community. The primary objective of this competition is to conceptualise and design an engaging and memorable avatar that embodies the spirit and goals of the Teach BU Advance HE Programme. Additionally, participants are tasked with selecting a fitting name for the avatar that resonates with the BU community and aligns with the programme’s values of excellence, inclusivity, and advancement in higher education.



  • Avatar Design: Participants are encouraged to unleash their creativity and design an original avatar that reflects BU’s identity while embracing the themes of education, growth, and collaboration. Avatars should be visually appealing, versatile, and suitable for digital platforms.
  • Avatar Name: Participants must propose a name for the avatar that is distinctive, evocative, and memorable. The chosen name should capture the essence of the Teach BU Advance HE Programme and foster a sense of connection among participants.


Submission Guidelines:

  • Submissions must include both the designed avatar and the proposed name.
  • Participants must provide a brief rationale (100-150 words) explaining the inspiration behind their avatar design and name selection.
  • Submissions should be sent via email to teachbu@bournemouth.ac.uk by 0900 Thursday 16th May 2024.


Entries will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity and Originality: Uniqueness and innovation in avatar design and name selection.
  • Alignment with Programme Values: How well the avatar and name reflect the goals and ethos of the Teach BU Advance HE Programme.
  • Visual Appeal: Aesthetics, clarity, and suitability of the avatar for digital representation.
  • Memorable and Engaging: The avatar’s ability to resonate with participants and enhance their learning experience.


Winning entries will be announced on via FLIE’s official communication channels.

Let your imagination soar and be a part of shaping the future of teaching and learning at BU with your unique avatar design and name!

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