Assessment and feedback

Celebrate 2017: The value of formative feedback in simulation the learning gain for students

Dawn Morley, from the University of Surrey, presented with Ashley Spriggs (Bournemouth University) and Simon Bettles (University of Surrey) at the CELebrate conference. They presented on the impact of formative review, the debrief, that occurs during and after simulation. Simulation is a rapidly developing area of pedagogy which enables students to safely practice skills and… Read more »

CELebrate 2017: What iInnovate tells us about assessment and feedback

This presentation looked at the responses to the Iinnovate initiative to demonstrate how staff are innovating in assessment and feedback.  Extracting relevant data from the Iinnovate programme, the presentation highlighted practical steps that staff can consider for adoption. The presentation is available here: Promoting academic staff innovation at Bournemouth University from David Biggins    

CELebrate 2017: a great success

On 13th June CEL hosted the annual CELebrate event in the Fusion building on Talbot Campus, with the focus this year on Assessment and Feedback. The conference format consisted of 18 papers, 5 workshops and 9 posters and a keynote delivered by Professor Dai Hounsell, a world-leading expert on assessment and feedback. Over 70 delegates… Read more »

FMC Guest Seminars – Student engagement, dynamic teaching and researcher development: 29 and 30th June

Apologies for cross posting, wanted to make the BU community aware that this workshops available to all BU staff – please do come along to a session FMC Guest Seminars – Researcher Development   Faculty of Media and Commination is excited to be receiving a visit from Dr. John Willison from the University of Adelaide…. Read more »

Transforming Assessment in Higher Education: HEA Symposium on Technology-Enabled Assessment

The Higher Education Academy recently held a Symposium in York as part of a series on ‘Transforming Assessment in Higher Education’. BU presented a Case Study at this event on our use of Online Assignment Handling, authored by David Fevyer and Kathryn Cheshir. This case study paid particular attention to our institution-wide adoption of Turnitin for… Read more »

“Am I ready to receive feedback?”

Receiving feedback is an emotive process for students. Guiding them to consider their emotional readiness to assimilate comments may improve the feedback/ feedforward process. To add to research on delivering effective feedback, The Developing Engagement with Feedback Toolkit considered how students’ RECEIVE feedback. The research confirmed a common lament that students do not engage with… Read more »

Special Edition on Transforming Assessment in Higher Education *Call for Expressions of Interest*

Higher Education Pedagogies (HEP) The aim of this issue is to bring together cutting edge examples of effective efforts at sustainable and manageable assessment change at programme, school/faculty/college and/or institutional-level with regards to assessment and feedback. We are particularly interested on work around assessment literacy; the use of technology to support assessment practices; and… Read more »

CELebrate 2017 – don’t forget to submit your abstract!

Call for abstracts for the CELebrate 2017 conference. . The theme of this one day regional conference, organised by the BU Centre for Excellence in Learning (CEL), is Assessment & Feedback, and we welcome abtracts for presenting your ideas at the conference, whether this is to report on and share pedagogic research or to report… Read more »

Assessment and Feedback – colleagues please can you assist Naomis’ SRHE project? 10 mins only!

Apologies for cross-posting, but please can any colleagues interested in Assessment and Feedback complete this short survey? ====== Assessment and feedback are one of the most important tasks we undertake as academics, yet also one of the most time-consuming. Through a project funded by the Society for Research into Higher Education, I am aiming to… Read more »

CELebrate 2017

The annual CELebrate event will take place this year on Tuesday 13th June in the Fusion building. It will take the form of a 1 day regional event, with workshops, presentations and poster displays. The theme this year is Assessment & Feedback. The keynote speaker has been confirmed as Professor Dai Hounsell, a world-leading expert and… Read more »