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Assessment and Feedback Drop-in Sessions

We will be running weekly online drop-in sessions from September 9th to provide the opportunity to talk through your ideas for assessment & feedback and identify potential strategies or solutions. These will be led by Anne Quinney, FLIE Theme Leader, and one of the Learning Technologists. The first one will be on Wednesday September 9th… Read more »

Ten rules for supporting a temporary move to teaching and learning at a distance – messages from a recent journal paper.

Adjustments as a response to Covid-19 have required staff in Higher Education Institutions to deliver programmes on-line that were not originally designed to be delivered in this mode. Whilst blended learning approaches were becoming  more familiar, staff and learners have been required to adapt quickly to ways of teaching and learning that may be unfamiliar… Read more »

23 Things for Digital Knowledge

The University of Edinburgh has created an open access resource to develop digital knowledge. It could be useful for staff and for  students who wish to extend their digital skills. Anyone can engage with it by  simply dipping in and exploring the 23 topics in any order at any pace, or by following it as… Read more »

“Let’s lose the deficit language about online education” – Tansy Jessop’s latest WONKHE blog.

Tansy Jessop is an influential writer on teaching and learning, and currently PVC Education at the University of Bristol. I have met her on several occasions, and been influenced by her publications and her enthusiasm.  She can be relied on for a thoughtful, realistic and optimistic view of teaching and learning. In her WONKHE blog… Read more »

Blended and flipped learning: timely resources to support a move to a blended teaching and learning experience

Two experts in the sector, Prof Sally Brown and Prof Kay Sambell, have created some excellent resources to assist staff in moving to a blended mode of delivery.   These resources include ’50 tips for replacements for tie-constrained, invigilated, on-site exams’ and ‘Building bridges to the future: assessment which promotes learning post coronavirus’.   Both… Read more »

A recent online conference paper: Moving assessments online; or How to keep your cool when jointly (but separately) presenting from home at an online conference!

During the Covid-19 pandemic many of you will have experienced academic conferences being cancelled, postponed or hosted on-line. Prof Debbie Holley and I (Anne Quinney) were scheduled to present at the Association of Learning Developers in Higher Education conference (ALDinHE) to be held at Northampton University but found ourselves presenting remotely last week. The conference… Read more »

Transforming Assessment Practices at BU through assessment design policy change: the principles

In May 2019 Senate approved the new  evidence-based student-centred assessment policy change. This blog post sets out the principles underpinning the change. There are separate blogs on the specific requirements  of the policy and on the resources to support the changes. The drivers for change in assessment practices were both local and national. These included… Read more »

Moving exams on-line – some principles

Transforming how university exams are designed, managed and completed is far from straightforward. Without careful preparation and piloting, there are challenges in relation to fairness (a reasonable test of what students are expected to have learnt), fitness-for-purpose (the task reflects the intended learning outcomes and enables learners to meet the appropriate academic standard), equity of… Read more »

Designing assessments: some key points from the Principles of Assessment Design (6c) Policy document

At this time of year programme teams may be planning assessments for the next academic year. To support this activity here are some of the key points from 6c. For the academic year 2020-21 all levels 4 and 5(undergraduate), and level 7(postgraduate) level assignments will need to align with 6c. Key points in the policy,… Read more »

Are you looking for ideas or advice for planning assessments?

Some new resources have been added to the Assessment & Feedback Toolkit that you may find helpful when planning assessments for the next academic year. (1) The University of Leeds has published a compendium of assessment types which includes student perspectives. (2) JISC has recently published a report on the future of assessment –… Read more »